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Berkeley is moving actual little better. Apparently, there's less to see. But there's still a lot of heavy traffic coming up the West out of Richmond to South India. Tennison in Hayward. New Crash just reported that one on the shoulder Joe McConnell for KQ BD traffic support comes to us from Lucky and Lucky. California support for KQED comes from three by Berkshire Hathaway. Three is comprehensive, small business insurance. It covers a businesses, people property and liability. All in a single, straightforward policy. More three insurance dot com. No nonsense. Just common sense. I'm Dave Freeman on KQED, San Francisco and KQED North Highlands at eight o'clock. Good morning Search and rescue crews are still sorting through the rubble of the building collapse in Surfside, Florida looking for survivors. The families of those victims still have hope on morning edition from NPR news. There are now 11 confirmed deaths around 150. People are still unaccounted for. I'm Noel King, and I'm Rachel Martin. This hour, we talked with a structural engineer who's investigating the cause of the Champlain towers collapse. Pennsylvania Republicans are in a battle with the Democratic governor over tighter voting rules. Facebook racks up a win in its antitrust fight and bringing back fans for the Tour de France has dangerous consequences. It's Tuesday, June 29th NBA star Kwai Leonard with the L. A Clippers is 30 Today. News is next. Live from NPR news on jail. Snyder President Biden says he could visit Surfside, Florida Later this week. He spoke to reporters as he was leaving for Wisconsin. Watch that as soon as you can, maybe as early third search and rescue operation at the sight of that partially collapsed condo building is now in its sixth day. 11 People are.

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