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The somber raising of the fist in 1968 the kneeling of kappel neck these are so somber so much more so than rewriting the lyrics remember cabinet first started by sitting on the bench during national anthem and then he and read spoke actually with the former green beret and talked about what the next step would be in terms of this protest and they decided to kneel and eric read says i remember thinking are posture was like a flag flown at halfmast to mark the tragedy i mean it's really a shame the way that the meeting is being distorted not only by the president but also by the way in which this issue around you know police violence against black communities has shifted towards being this kind of more general statement of solidarity on the part of the nfl capper nick was so explicit about searching for and she using the most respectful gesture he could and the confusion over what he is protesting brings in you know the ageold confusion over the meaning of patriotism itself i mean i read his gesture as almost up prayerful effort to have america as represented by the anthem at the flag actually fulfill its promise in eating sixty one oliver wendell holmes senior added an additional verse to the end of the starspangled banner at the outbreak of war at the beginning of secession of the civil war by the millions unchained who are birthright have gained we will keep her bright blaizon forever on stain and the starspangled banner our in triumph shall wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave and this was an aspirational addition that anticipated emancipation and was often frequently amended to the end of the starspangled banner in the late nineteenth century as well i guess the starspangled banner remains a symbol subject to scrutiny and to alteration for as long as it remains our anthem absolutely and are you know as a musicologist i acknowledge the fact that you know the starspangled banner or is not the greatest possible option for a national anthem patino yeah it's too hard to sing it's not the most attractive melody in the world but at the same time i like to think it's an interesting song if we maybe spend a little bit more time unpacking this longer history in which the anthem has meant so many different things and represented so many different opportunities for voicing political dissent and ultimately voicing american citizenship the.

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