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Tried to pull off. What your big country. Music shows last night and five of the lake with the crowd and everything And five of the axe head to bail out at the last minute because they had a positive corona tests. Oh yeah yeah wow craziness. It's it's hard to have gatherings we assured this with yesterday but got a bunch of requests guys whereas this sentence my friends buffalo center. I'm it's actually a twitter thread. It's it's on the twitter machine. I retweeted tweeted it. So if you follow us and were easy to find just search on armstrong and getty on twitter if you follow as you can find it. It's a by john. Hayward is not i suppose i could copy it and pay for you. Not following us on twitter hooded on a word document than walk down the hall and we asked for so little us. Yeah you're not involved in the worst communication platform that's ever been devised by man. How dare you right to walk in around. Not anxious and depressed selfish not getting yelled at by strangers on the internet. I tell you what embrace the never read. The comments vow. Don't read comments trade ideas. Read ideas read ideas. You disagree with its healthy. Don't read the comments having said that John hayward who is a writer tweeted this the other day and i thought it was absolutely terrific as big tech and more and more people are realizing it big tech scares me has hardest say depends moment to moment. I was gonna say scares me more than big government. It's absolutely in that top tier. I'll say that big tax ability to influence minds and language and ideas and elections vladimir putin wishes. He had a tenth of power. That facebook does now. He wishes he had one one hundred of the power. Facebook does or we've got gotta look into. We are looking into the fact that facebook is banned a bunch of our fan pages which is insane Well they don't call it banning. But anyway john hayward tweeted this and it was so good. It's worth sharing again..

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