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Johannesburg wildlife veterinary hospital says it's treated about four thousand injured animals since it opened two years ago. Besides physical injuries, many of the animals also suffer from trauma. A veterinary rehabilitation specialist to co founded the hospital says some species like the endangered pangolin show visible signs of post traumatic stress disorder when they hear a male human voice or smell cigarette. Smoke because it's a reminder of the poachers. Who hunt them? Thailand's first elections since two thousand fourteen is being criticized over the vote counting. A group of international observers say the tabulation and consolidation of ballots was deeply flawed though. It had no reason to believe that affected the results the Asian network for free. Elections said the announcement of some preliminary results that were wildly inaccurate damaged the perceived integrity of the general election Thailand's election commission has already defended its count. It blamed any issues on the failure of the media to keep up with the raw data after delaying the release of the full vote count on election night. And then again on Monday, the commission has now said it will release its final. Preliminary results on Friday official results are not expected until may. Facebook says it's preparing for Indian elections by working to limit false stories videos and photos on its platform. The social media company says it's working with fact checkers and media organizations that are flagging false information and helping reduce its spread the election commission of India is trying to rein in social media giants like Google Twitter and Facebook to prevent the spread of politically motivated, manipulative information and protect user data. Pulling in the general election is to take place in stages from April eleventh to may nineteenth. Chicago's charges dropped I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute in Chicago. Angry mayor Rahm Emanuel reacted to the charges being dropped against empire. Actor jussie smollet calling it a whitewash of Justice smollet. However, insist he never lied to police. Prosecutors he was indicted on sixteen felony counts, including lying to police implanting, a racial and homophobic attack. He claims happened back in January in a statement. A spokesman for the Cook County prosecutor's office says the dismissal came after reviewing all the facts. And circumstances of the case, watch icago attorney not part of the case calls the action bizarre, FOX television, which produces an airs empire says and a one sentence statement just say spell that has always maintained his innocence. And we are gratified at all charges against him have been dropped..

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