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This project was never needed and endangers our citizens do you agree i know don anderson well in when that issued came up uh might sitting joints the city of lakewood in the lawsuit trying to stop it that was not going to happen hugh humidity are several at grade brought things in the city of lake ford in one act grigg processing and dupont and so you bring a seventy nine mile an hour in the middle of population centres um no matter what you do there will be concern was it needed uh lou on the tracks that i'm not in a position to make that decision i do know that amtrak washington state department transportation and others were very hard to mitigate the risk um within a few years might city will happen prayed separating crossing because of some other work going on but still liquid will continue to have accurate crossing so that will be a concern leinna consent of the mayor of lakewood this you've got warning some two weeks ago he was deeply concerned and today as you know this was the inaugural run of the first time paying passengers were aboard the train what are you suspect mayor your there on the same went wrong i can't tell you that the accident did not occur at any of the at grade cross and the accident did not occur on the neograft uh it took place at a location that is where that fraying has always been gone new was not a uh a stretch of track than crossing interstate 5 who more inland portion before it turns southward portland and attacked peace attracted bidding use for years so by as much as i have thank you concerns for the at greek crossing tom um i i don't believe that uh any of the new or had anything to do with it so it'll be interesting to see what the ntsb michael courts of dupont washington a good luck to you good luck to all the folks let's hope we get a a clear understanding what happened lessons learned to make sure it doesn't happen again thanks so much for joining us thank you will do mayor on cnn with wolf blitzer komo news time four fifty and.

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