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Totally understand that. Protect yourself when somebody's got you in danger. Five. I completely understand that shooting Meghan, the stallion. I don't really understand. I got a lot of sense, especially in the foot. What? We're trying to make her dance where you're doing the scene from Goodfellas. Way goes dead. And then he finally shoots the kid in the chest. He was a kid he shot in the chest. I can picture him because he's been ah, in 1000 E was in the Sopranos. Everything else? I can't remember the name that they use for him. In Goodfellas. Long story short, they were making a dance on DH. Then he just shot him in the chest, because that's what that's what mobsters did. Apparently Tory lanes thought he was a mobster on Goodfellas, and he decided to go out and shoot, making the stallion. All I know that's not going to be a good look for him, her or anybody else. Let's do some celebrity birthdays on July 19th Let's look and see some of the more famous ones. That we can find today. Jon Bones Jones, 33 years old, Your big bones Jones guy. I am I like Jon Bones Jones a lot. I just don't like his steroid use. Yeah, I don't like the steroid. The cocaine a little bit everything. You know, everybody has their vices You feel about the dude is on monster. Yeah, in the rig. How do you feel about LaMarcus Aldridge? I feel like he's a great player greats. A little excessive for me. I think he's old design. Very good player. 35 years old. I didn't realise he was that old. The guy that got old and got old pretty quickly. Did LaMarcus Aldridge still doing his thing right now for still doing his thing right now for the San Antonio Spurs. Gender Mahal. You're not a wrestling guy. General Paul's birthday is today. See what other rappers birthdays are today? Uh, nobody I know. So we'll skip out of the rat face because you know it's bad with this much rapids. I listen to what I look at him and I go. I have no idea who half of these people are. Let's go into football because that's the Maurin important. But you know what? The main most important one today Stuart.

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