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Alan Alexander takes over on the mound for the Tigers. He's become the critical innings ahead of, says narrow Soto at the end. Member says narrow, ended up throwing 31 pitches yesterday when he's likely available today. Aller Alexander takes over. 234 hitters Donaldson, Larnaca and Cruz. First pitch cutter up and in has Donaldson diving out of the way. All one on Josh Donaldson pitching change by your Southeast Michigan. Four dealers music Gorno Ford in Woodhaven. Think for it First. Johnson bends at the waist kind of hangs out over. Slide around the back door for called Strike. Generous. Call one Ball one Strike. Tyler Alexander's are really a perfect example what I was talking about earlier with Tigers pitching coaches led by Chris Federer. And the Avis, his assistant. Helping pictures figure out what pictures they need to throw. Donaldson takes a pitch up in a way. Or refining. The pitch is that they do have and I'm really interested to see how the second half goals for Tyler Alexander With his new improved cutter to one swing in Apapa. Jonathan Scope at first base. Right along the line makes the catch in foul territory, according to first base umpire Rob Drake came back. By the bag who makes the catch in fair territory. One up, one down, but the cutter Used to have shaped like a slider for Tyler Alexander just, he said. It's kind of how it always thrown it. But the cutter and slider it looked very similar. Just different speeds. 1 83 1 86 87. Now the Carter is more much more on a horizontal plane. Instead of up and down more side side. There is a cutter away to Trevor Moore, Nick and we've seen him use it in recent outings. Very effectively against writings. The one Oh Snyder Low in a way to and all on Trevor, Lar Nick. We saw him in a two inning outing a couple of days ago. Use it effectively against dangerous righties like Josh Donaldson, Nelson Cruz. Too old and I went away. Reno on Trevor Larnaca. Lefty on lefty battle. Righties have had the big edge on Tyler Alexander throughout his career they do this year, but those numbers for writings are definitely coming down. For the last several weeks. The three old Mm. Just inside to Larnaca and walks Lefty. On four pitches. But there are certain hitters again. The guys like Cruz, who strides to the plate that really giving us a feel for how important this pitch is going to be. For Tyler Alexander, this new cutter. It's Little bit harder. 87 88 again more on a level plane instead of the downward break. So far a real weapon against writings. Here's a real test. Nelson Cruz, betting. First pitch cutter at top of the strike zone for a called strike almost always kept the cutter down down an end to write down the way to lefties. He's throwing it at the top of the strike zone. Crews on it The other day, just got Donaldson to pop out on it. The against Lefty Castro shades up the middle for one tigers are in the sixth inning. The strike one Cutter above the strike zone. Would think an ideal scenario. Tyler Alexander can give manager a. J. Hinch perhaps two innings right here. Works. Middle of the rubber sets holds a glove at the belt. Short cost is lead for learning at first, but 11 swing and a miss went with the fastball. Four seam fastball away. Cruz couldn't find it. One ball two strikes soft ground ball infield single for Cruz, his first time up routine fly ball to center, his last time. The good start for Willie Peralta. That's three in a row. Alexander sets the 12 swinging to foul out of play boy he had who's lunging and a changeup away. Time aligned for Willie Peralta's is brought to you about Belle tire, but you will always get the lowest higher price period. Five innings, one run on three hits, two walks and two strikeouts. Crews.

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