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How would you evaluate what he's done this far. Yeah well i'll think i'll take it. I'll say this. I don't think john's on the hot seat. John john done kind of entrenched here for the time. Being because of his connection to the raiders. And it's connection to mr davis before before his son mark and how you know we all know that sometimes in different situation. Maybe you wouldn't. You wouldn't get the kind of leeway in terms of not being not making the playoffs that he's got all right so let's just be honest about that now. What am i expecting from this football team. What are the expectations for this football team. I think from from all of us who analyze it and really from from the rest of the people who are really watch pro football closely. They need to make the playoffs this year. They really do. Otherwise you're going to have people like the discussion is going to be like. How's he not being held accountable To degree that other people would if they had made the playoffs after four years of being at a place in heaven and having been given everything in terms of allowing to reshape the roster allocate the money however he wanted to allocate it. Pick whatever players that he wanted to pick up a brand new stadium all kinds of excitement around the football team. So i think yeah. They don't come out the gates hot tonight. Let's let let me say this in particular. I think often so please play great. I think they'll be twenty one twenty four twenty six point average per game type of offense. It's decent it's gus bradley. It's all these new players that they have on the defensive side of the ball jonathan. Gawk way it's nomex crosby. Who's been there. It's those kind of guys. it's denzel paramount. Who they just acquired. From the chargers it's k. j. right who Was with gus bradley and seattle. How're those guys gonna take this defense from being the kind that constantly blue lease a year ago to be in the kind of defense that can shut down when the game is on the line and get out of here with the. W because if they don't do that and it's another repeat of what it was last year we're gonna be talking about this over and over and over again with john. Like how many years can you be allowed to be. You know apart and not make it to the playoffs. Yeah we talk about. John being pushed out. Derek carr seems like you tell me this lewis because you you cover monday night football you've scouted you've seen it. Why am i the only fool on the bridge. Ready to dive into the east river for derek carr. Soon as i say their cars one of the top guys in the national football league. Everybody looks at me. Like i got frogs. Why is that. Hey don't worry. I'm i'm ready to dive in the river. Which is all right. I've always been a big fan of their car. Big because you know what when he came out of fresno he had this this reputation or whatever people tried to label him as a guy who couldn't handle the blitz caved under pressure has a good athletic ability but he doesn't make those special off schedule. Plays like see now. Some of the you know real good athletic quarterbacks making he can't make something out of nothing and you know i think that one thing right there keyshawn. There's something that they tried to. They tried to emphasize him saying this. We know taking care of supposed great and he does a great job that he does a great job of making decisions but sometimes just let it go man. Sometimes you're gonna have to just take a chance your barbara a shot will live with whatever happens but go ahead and do that to take your team to a whole another level because you know. He's one of the smartest quarterbacks. I would say of all the quarterbacks i've ever talked to. He's in the top three or four. As far as understanding this offense to the degree where john he said mcdonnell gives him four five different plays at a turn in the huddle and just say you pick the best one based on the look four five different ones and the and he says he knows exactly what he's supposed to do at all times. He said he could teach this offense the way john teaches this offense and he has great accuracy. Great arm strength and the as respected this team. But you know he's in the division. I was patrick mahomes. He's in a bid he's in. He's playing at a time. Now we're quarterbacks are putting up forty five hundred forty eight hundred types of passing yard seasons like it's like it's like was playing video games and they need to win. He knows that he needs to win. Balu he's he put up three straight four thousand yard seasons on the war. I don't know you're right around what we're up against it. We're up against it. And i don't know what you're doing here. Anyway go get the giants. Gm job police can fix the offensive line. It's killing lewis. Now come all my god. They were bad they man. Yes yesterday were yesterday. Were and i let me see you. Get them into the job now in year four. I wonder if louis riddick was in year four of the giants. Gm job what What the offensive line for another day. People get all upset about that. That's a story for another day. I'm not talking about anything louis. Thank you for coming on the show. Thanks a lot little..

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