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Live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi sang emergency personnel around the scene of an amtrak train derailment in pierce county washington state near olympia sheriff spokesman ed troyer confirms deaths that people in all vehicles leaving owen sued the pictures pretty her record but those point nobody manila vehicles but is a fatal the fiddles are all contained to train as far as the members gold they're still working on that the train had left seattle and was heading south toward portlouis when it derailed this morning at least one cars hangover off an overpass northwest news networks austin jenkins's near the scene i'm looking at a railroad bridge where the train cars have derailed and fallen onto the freeway bull low there is a train car and amtrak train hard that it hanging from the railroad bridge there is another train car actually on the freeway deck there are several other cars that it derailed an absolute math an absolute disaster that sausage jenkins reporting senator john mccain is back home in arizona to recover from side effects related to treatment for brain cancer stena sieg of member station kjlh easy in phoenix reports the eighty one year old republican will not be on capitol hill this week to vote on the gop sweeping tax legislation a statement issued by one of mccain's doctors at walter reed medical center in washington dc says the santer has responded well to treatment for viral infection and continues to improve the statement goes on to say that mccain's cancer and aggressive form called global bust duma is also responding well to ongoing therapy mccain's office says he will undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation at mayo clinic in arizona and that he looks forward to returning to washington in january republicans hold a slim fifty two to forty eight majority in the senate and could not lose more than two votes in order to pass the tax bill for npr news i'm stena sieg in phoenix the us is.

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