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And they all switched over at the same time and now it's the republicans who a racist and the democrats have been absolved of their sins wouldn't they say that liu well i don't know what that would say but i understand the bat and we were all democrat yeah down here so what do you think we need to make uh this statute thing a national issue do we need a national statue policy what we didn't tear them down there part of our history as in your as in europe there are many factors in europe they haven't got around telling them down as scottish um english bought for years so okay that that's all i have to say um today well thank you loo i love your i love your boys said relaxes me just listening to it but dassault lou makes appoint air that his that should be stressed because we keep forgetting about it all the time we're here in this we're in this world now and democrats are marching and their tearing down the statues and i think it's you know it's mostly young people if you look at these as the president calls them antifur he was an ntv villian these a resistance folks the if they're the same crowd as the as the the old occupy wall street crowd and they are marching against these statues no pulling him down most of them are millennials and i don't even know if they realize they're wearing their a hillary t in their bernie bro patch is and i don't know if they know that these statues role put up by democrats but now they.

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