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Steam fitters local 6 O two and available on all major podcast platforms subscribe today so you don't miss an episode It's a 28 Traffic and weather on the aids over to Steve dresner in the traffic center In Maryland still finding volume delays on the northbound side of the BW Parkway still a bit slow for ten up through the bellway and traffic moves a lot better on the park by once you're north of one 97 no problems over on the southbound side may have a minor crash on the outer loop ramp to go to northbound I 95 over on the far right hand side otherwise quite on the beltway in both directions over in Montgomery county no issues and 95 or two 70 50 traveling incident freeing we do have a crash activity in district heights on the southbound side route four Pennsylvania avenue in your Parkland drive and last report only a lane getting by with minor delays Over in Virginia a nice ride on the beltway in both directions no problems to report currently on three 95 or 66 still a bit slow leaving the Fredericksburg area over on the northbound side traffic moves slowly Through Stafford county once you're north of a quiet harbor all clear through the onco Quan to the Springfield interchange In Sterling north and Sterling boulevard before Harry bird highway right lane is currently blocked for the crash ID me the identity verification company committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans more at ID dot me slash hour promise Steve dresner WTO fact Now to storm team four and Samara Theodore Well tonight temperatures will fall into the 40s and the first half of our Saturday evening.

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