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A twomonth long one weaponstesting yesterday when it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile it claims can reach the us mainland of course wanted poem newt now they had it mastered what they call the re entry face to make sure that once the missile is in the air that it can again come down and then what we're discussing how there is plainly apocalyptic and obviously an absolutely worst case scenario but the point is they want to prove that they had that technology that they can successfully test that technology because they believe that will put them in a pure footing when it comes to negotiating with the united states and other countries in asia un security council to hold an emergency meeting today on how to respond to that launch tampa florida say after weeks of searching one man is in custody this morning charged with murder in connection with a string of killings than the seminal heights neighborhood police chief brian dugan thanked his team they put their lives on the sidelines they put their normal jobs on the sidelines and they focused on one thing and that was to catch a killer i cannot tell you how proud i am of them cannot tell you how proud i am of the partnership that we have with our fellow law enforcement agents fouryearold how old donaldson has been charged with four towns of murder of the power struggle at the consumer financial protection bureau appears to be over for now jessica schneider tells mick mulvaney he will stay in as acting director of the federal judge ruled that he will not overturn the president's pick and he also ruled that leandra english who is named of that same position by the outgoing director when he resigned friday while she just didn't show the irreparable harm that was necessary for the judge to grant her a temporary restraining order remember english has appealed the ruling of li sabrina voters say a man who fired shots from a downtown apartment building overnight is dead so why police rushed the apartment where the man was holding a woman hostage shortly after seven pm local time we say at least one person reported injured i'm elliot francis last year the number one name for girls in the us was emma for boyce noah but did you know that in uganda a baby born with a cleft palate her lip is given the name which means cursed by god those children are.

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