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Inside the room found the man with a gunshot wound. The suspect died later in a local hospital. The Department of Justice is vowing the crackdown on hate crimes against Asian Americans. Jim Forbes has more more than 3000 cases have been reported just during the Corona virus outbreak, which started in China. The DOJ held a listening session with more than a dozen Asian, American and Pacific Islander community groups. The host says no one should fear violence. Because of who they are what they look like or what part of the world they or their families come from. LeBron James has a new ad campaign targeting voter suppression the new and look what we did aims to provide awareness after dozens of states introduced bills to restrict access at the ballot box in the spot, the Los Angeles Lakers star says they saw what we're capable of, and they fear it. It shows images have videos of black lives matter, Protests and the January 6th capital siege. The reopening of outdoor entertainment venues and stadiums in California is happening just in time for baseball season. Sacramento River Kant's general manager, Chip Maxon, says stadiums like center Health Park now have a chance to see fans in April long time coming and we're so excited to be talking about the return of baseball in the return of fans and we can't wait. We're so excited tol welcome them with open arms still had a safe distance, of course. No indoor dining will be allowed. Instead, stadiums will shift to go and seated ordering options. The Sacramento River Cats is a double a team that feeds into the major leagues. San Francisco Giants. I'm Dean, you tell And I'm Susanna Palmer In the Bloomberg News Room along party lines. The state Senate passed a bill that stops Governor Andrew Cuomo from issuing any new pandemic directives without the Legislature's approval. Democratic majority leader Andrea Start cousins, It is clear that we need to move toward a system of increased oversight. The check on the governor's power follows the accusations he purposefully under reported covered 19 deaths in nursing homes. Air Bill de Blasio said he will have an announcement next week on high school's the last part of the public education system, whose students are still in remote learning a year after the pandemic shut down in person learning. Speaking yesterday on W. N. Y. C. De Blasio's, said New York City is planning for a full September return to school parents who are not comfortable sending their kids back will still be given the option of continuing online only, though the mayor hopes that isn't the case. He said. He doesn't see blended at home and at school instruction being part of the equation. This'll is to have use from Bloomberg. And we do have this breaking story for you on today's Pellegrini President Joe.

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