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Bomb and mentally you're not sure what you used to be men's wellness centers testosterone replacement therapy changes all that can bring you back to feeling how you used to feel like when you were younger we also offer proven effective weight loss programs with locations in Boca Raton plantation in Miami visit us at men's wellness centers dot com or call us now at five six one five seven one fifty nine eighty eight to five six one five seven one fifty nine eighty eight that's five six one five seven one fifth the nine eighty eight loading up the slain with more Christmas music thanks to the islands of the Bahamas on sunny one oh seven nine the season and so this common the Christmas it's the season and so good great I love this for you that same season do you do and the doctor told this is just women's roles season and the dog a don't get close does exactly Jen and bill for the morning show from our families to yours wishing you the very best holiday season Allen I hope Santa Claus brings you everything that you asked for and then some and if not go by the day after the charges to Jim's account here's the number the only thing he's and leave that room is teaching him in each hand nice these can you can yeah all you need is a little ho ho ho to making go go go thanks for listening to the Palm Beach is Christmas music station.

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