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Great. By the Blackhawks all starts. Point. He's working his legs dorm one side to the other just tufted offense. Betcha king did the other night. Drops his shoulder here flurry and dropping his shoulder. That means he's going to fire. The puck for catcher Kane is so good. He just purrs rate across the wheelhouse of debrincat who picks up as you mentioned his second of the game. Seventh of the season on the citgo fueling good power. Play the power play. To power play goals for the third time this season in a game. Debrincat from Kane and Gustafsen the goal at seven twenty three three one hawks. Here's camp the center ice moves the puck in over the Vegas line along the left boards, Brandon Saad back out there has it spends it behind the biggest up the nearside patch ready hit by passes the puck out to carry at center ice dumping off the right corner boards hawk zone. Marsha so got the waves behind the hawk net. Saad had escaped marshes. So pulls it out outlet point Theodore to the right point to England who fires a shot. That's why the hawk net. Murphy high stick from Marcia. So neither referee Kadett. How the puck Senate from the right wing corner. Mike Carlson, actually period through the crease and wide. Here's camp. The other way for the hawks up the left wing shot. The puck out over the center ice circle England steps out for Vegas moves Martius over the hawk line left wing. He put it in front of the hawk net. Dalstrom there for the hawks spins it on the left boards facade. Back to dolphin beside the net returns that they had the side stop through center ice crossing the Vegas line strip to the puck. Thereby by Cody Eakin, quick pass Oscar Lindberg over the hawk line down. Shot well over the net around the boards and out the center ice Golden Knights were changing adventures with a pass ahead for Ryan carpenter at the hawk blue line. The Golden Knights are offsides. It's now. Three one in favor of the hawks with eleven oh eight left in period. Number two. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN you dream about. Teamwork. Fight songs and epic battles on the field. Now make that year reality with the Air National Guard with world class training, Google coach you to be excellent in all you do if.

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