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I have zero comet you just deliver the story. Mario Lopez for years has been hosting extra. It has just been reported. And a basically confirmed will tell you why without being confirmed that he is leaving extra and is going to be the new face of access Hollywood. Although it's not called access Hollywood anymore. It's called access. Well, you know, what a fricken love. Mario lopez. He's so damn likeable. And he also appeals to so many people he appeals to straight people. He appeals to gay people the gays love him because he's hot and he appeals to multiple generations. He appeals to Latinos. He appeals to sports lovers because he's all about the wrestling. And he does wrestling commentary, boxing, whatever boxing. I said wrestling because I saw that he was at a wrestling match with his kids the same one that I took my son to boxing. I that's what I met whatever wrestling boxing. But Tatum Matata. I think it'll do very well and Booker, and I need to be a part of it. Somehow that would be nice. Well, also, Wendy Williams was supposed to be back on TV this week, but she has postponed her return to her show allegedly to fully heal from an injury that she had some I think it was a shoulder issue. So she's having all sorts of fill in hosts how come you're not filling in you would be great. I agree. I think maybe when he does it because she's afraid that might give me her show. I don't think so. But you would be a great. I know I'm truly shot that they have an approach to try at why not make did her show a bunch of times got it's perfect pilot. I'll come and be your lackey on the side at mock, you it'll be so fun come on Wendy Williams. Well, if anybody at Detmar mercury who distributes her show is listening, or if you have access to anybody where available maybe she wouldn't even come back next week. Who knows anything is Bob hold down the ship. It'll be fine. We will run that audience right into the growl. I think he'll do really. Well, I'm kidding. I think you will do a great job. Honestly, I really think you'd do a good job on that. It why not for a couple of days. I think that would be tons of. I have been you know, basically doing that every day for the last year on my daily YouTube videos. So anyways, did you end up watching that Lindsay Lohan MTV reality show? I didn't. I never got around to it. You know, what it is not one person has come to me to say that. It was good. I have not heard a thing positive or negative. It just kind of came and went what did you hear? Well, I heard that it did moderately well in the ratings. It wasn't a huge hip. But it also wasn't a disaster. Although it's kinda crazy. It's crazy that okay and the ratings and this day and age is five hundred thirty thousand viewers anyways. Do you did watch the bachelor though, right? I could give you my picks. I'm going to tell you who's going to win. We so that that breed girl. I like her. She's a my top. All right. I'm all about Bree. Wait a minute. You watched. No. I just watched that clip of her speaking Australia. I like break there's another girl called Hannah. Gee, I think Hannah g is the winner. Oh, number two to Cassie. There's a cat. Acie and Hannah G those are my top three with Bree. I I like those three girls to win this..

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