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North on around Inwood and Luke 12 Walton Walker, North London I 30 year ranked blocks, two left lanes. So that's stop and go already there from Davis with K L I f traffic on the vibes. I'm Bill Jackson. Meteorologist Brad Martin. Still three more days with highs in the upper nineties and the Heat stress index in the triple digits mostly sunny in 97. Today near 73 Tonight with light Southeast winds will be sunny in 98 tomorrow Saturday, 99 on Sunday. We are expecting a few thunderstorms by Monday afternoon with a high near 95 then cooler on Tuesday with a high near 88 from the L I f W B A P Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin players guys right now it is 79 in Plano, 78. Denton and $79. The been thinking about McDonald's all day. Can't get it off my mind. I can already toasted. Oh, got my mind on my mouth and my mouth ready for some Mickey Days deal. There's a deal for every moment at McDonald's right now get two of your favorites for just 3 50 mixing Magic classic make chicken hot and spicy mix chicken or a juicy McDonnell Price of participation may vary cannot be combined with Combo meal single item at regular price from the weekend warrior to the renovation Dreamer lows has Dad covered. We know he takes pride in every project he takes on. We share that pride. So we're celebrating with Craftsman Days tackle the yard with outdoor power equipment, fix that sync with hand tools and flashlights and.

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