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V._p.. To six presented by bowling media I'm your host Ross Bowl and here with Mr Anthony Johnson Aka J._J.. How are you today Ross? Guess what was it Saturday it Saturday. They got good Saturday episodes I do it's rare that you and I come in and record on Saturday. It is but I I enjoy it. I like it to you know not to say this is going to be a regular thing but no but it feels like it feels a little more relaxed it makes sense because people are getting soft right now. We are and what better way to get soft and listening to a brand new episode on a fucking Saturday. I got a little something I'd like to discuss. I do also like real quick but you can go ahead of me. I is your show me I went and saw the new Quentin Tarantino Movie <hes> once upon a time I thought see I thought this would be a whole segment. Na Na no and I'm GonNa tell you why okay when saw last night once upon a time in Hollywood <hes> starring Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt Margot Robbie obviously <hes> first of all. Have you seen it. No it not just came out. Yes I will not literally literally I think was that opening night. I think so maybe and I'm not gonNA. I'm not going to give any spoilers. <hes> I just wanted to give like a short review basically and give my short thoughts. I thought it was solid. I thought it was very very well. Made obviously being Tarantino. I did not think it was his best best movie. I don't think anybody will <hes> I don't know if we really needed a fantasy homage to Hollywood's like quote Unquote Golden Age when rich old white dudes. We're just running around doing whatever they wanted but it was a really fun movie. I don't know if we needed like a historically different view. I don't WanNa say what I was about to say because it'll SORTA giveaway the way the movie goes but look y'all know how Quentin Tarantino likes to do with history man. y'All saw inglorious bastards. He likes to put his own little twist on it and do his creative thing and have fun with it in that way. This movie was fun. I just left like I wondering to myself. What was the point of that it sort of felt like a lot of like so Felicia Light Tarantino blowing himself which I'm not super into and supposedly that's his final movie right isn't what did he say? That's the last movie wants to make bullshit remember. He said at the beginning of his career I WANNA make X.. Number of movies city really and he's like once I hit that number. That's it I'm done. I think those is his farewell movie. I guess he says he wants to retire and have Israeli kids according to a headline. I'm currently looking at okay you're right. He said he still plans. I retire after ten movies which I believe this is the tenth. One says he might do another kill bill well how even do that. I thought him Numa Thurman like they didn't get along. Didn't he make a crash car didn't he. You crazy person. The answer is yes well. Let me ask you this about this movie allegedly. Is there any over the top violence classic Tarantino Style. I guess without giving me I'll say this about the structure of the film you You essentially doing three hours of buildup for three hours twenty minutes of felt like about four and a half hour ish..

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