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Corona virus just keep spreading I'm Debbie Handley fox news Washington DC has its first presumptive case of coronavirus DC mayor Muriel Bowser discussing the patient on a Saturday night press conference a man who's in his fifties is a DC resident started exhibiting symptoms in late February he presented on and was admitted to a DC hospital on March the fifth the patient has no history of billion close relations with any infected individuals or of any international travel the pope is taking precautions over the corona virus pope Francis won't be delivering his next to two public blessings in public because of the corona virus which has hit Italy hard the pope will appear on video for the blessings to prevent crowds from gathering the holy father's traditional Sunday blessing from a window over St Peter's square will now be streams from the library in the apostolic palace same goes for is Wednesday audience the eighty three year old pontiff is recovering from a cold and steps are being taken at the Vatican to make sure he does not get infected with the virus Christine Persichetti fox news we'll send you less Lakers star lebron James is not happy about the NBA's plan over the corona virus outbreak mark Los Angeles Lakers star lebron James is not a fan of the NBA's potential plans to play games without fans amid concerns over the corona virus we play games well the fans.

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