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Women's Rights Without Frontiers. How are you? Good to see you. I'm doing great job. Thanks for having me on your very welcome. I am very as you know, I'm very into what's happening in China. There are so many facets of what that country is what it's doing who the people are that I think that we get confused as Americans. Sometimes I went there. As you know, we adopted our Giorgia. And when I went there, I was shown what China wanted me to see. It was a very you know, very bright, wonderful, colorful picture, But I knew that on the periphery, there was a reason why he needed to be adopted because she would have no life in the fact that she even existed was already a miracle because back then Many times they would kill daughters killed girls when they were born, because the preference was to have a boy. So maybe we can delineate between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party and its policies in our conversation. Can we do that? Yes, And they and the gender side the sex. Selective abortion of Baby girls is still happening. So that's the Chinese people. It's not the party. Uh, So is there. Is there a reason for that? Is it that it's so preferential to have a boy that they just don't want the girls? Why would they do that? Okay, so it's a little bit complicated. The bottom line is that boys traditionally support the parents in their old age so that people feel that they have a choice between committing gender, gender side, selectively boarding or abandoning their girl or spending their elder years in complete poverty. So that's that's the choice that a lot of people make. So there's a saying in China and also in India, which is raising a daughter is like watering some The else's garden because all the love all the money, all the education everything that goes into raising that little girl to being marriage. Age is going to go over to the husband's failing the traditionally they marry, and then she, the girl and the boy they support his parents. In their old age. There's another thing in China that is Chinese people love. They don't love daughters. They love daughters in law. So while it is ready little jungle or website women's rights without frontiers, so do women have rights in China. Are women looked at a second class citizen somehow. Well, this is the thing Well, yes, I do think that in a lot of ways that women are really struggling for their rights in China, and the primary one is the right to just even have your baby's. So we've gone from a lunch child policy to a two child policy and then, just like a couple weeks ago to a three child policy And what people need to understand is that all of these are coercive population control policies. So the new rule is that every couple is allowed to have three Children. Well, what does that mean? It means you have to be a member of a couple to have a child. So all the single moms in China are either what it was walloping finds that you can't pay or they're subject to forced abortion. And that is just as true out of three child policy as it was under the two child policy. Human isn't their previous policy. Maybe my brains get too far. Head here but isn't the previous one child policy the problem? There are a bunch of men in China. Now he's already prepped preferred men. And there are enough women. Well, that's exactly right. So okay, there's a couple of problems. The problem of forced abortion remains, and that's going to remain under the one child policy to talk policy. Three child policy any policy that they have keeps the wound police in business because there's still you know, monitoring women's fertility, and they'll abort for Children as well as the Children of unmarried women. But you're right when you say that the one child policy was the origin of a whole host of other problems. Um, such as the fact that that they're, uh, they're they're aging population is exploding right while they're young population is going down in that because people because of son preference, there are now about 30 to 40 million more men living in China than women because people had had only one kid. They would want that kid to be a boy. It is Reggie Littlejohn. The name of the The organization is women's rights without frontiers, and it sounds like you've got knowledge that people in America just don't have. People in America aren't stupid. But But while I think there was Skeptical enough sometimes, and you know when, when Communist China gets its claws into Hollywood and big media and big sports, we always have to have this very flowery, very positive image of what that with that sort of lifestyle is under such extreme rule. I mean, when you just now said that there actually monitoring the fertility of women. Can you imagine somebody even thinking about doing that in America with the outrage on the left would be in this country. Yet there's very little outrage because only you're talking about this. I consider myself knowledgeable. I didn't know about monitoring their for Ability. Like if if you can get pregnant outside of marriage we might fortune to aboard. If you don't have the right gender, a baby. Maybe a family doesn't want it. That's that's sick. But why don't more people know about this? Well, it is exactly what you said. Joe is not covered because the Chinese Communist Party has its tentacles in everything. So they, you know the mainstream media. I have no doubt that the main people that advertise with them the their their advertising partners are probably, you know, manufacturing in China. And and and and in Hollywood Hollywood, their listing for that Chinese market so they don't want to make films that are cooking of China and then in our education, you know, the Confucius Institutes are pumping out Chinese propaganda into our universities and into our, uh, middle schools. And then they also a lot of something people don't realize is that a lot of Chinese studies departments in universities Are at least partially funded by China by the Chinese Communist Party. So what that means is that our scholars are not free. So there's certain lines. You can't cry, right. If you want to be a China scholar, you can't talk about Tiananmen Square. You can talk about forced abortion. You can't talk about the Wickers in Xinjiang. You can't talk about Tibet. You can't talk about Hong Kong if you if you criticize them on those points. You will not be able to go back to China and then your future as a China scholar is limited people when I went to When I went to China, I purposely Googled Tiananmen Square. I wanted to see what I would learn from Google in China. Google has capitulated to China, because when you pull it up, it says one person died and it was an accidental ricochet of a bullet off the ground. Now we know in many reports say 67,000 people were run over by tanks. In Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, but they control the the actual search results. And why would a Google or Facebook or Twitter give into that? And it all really does go back to money at some point, And do you know when this happened? China figured out that Americans are more in love with money than they are in their own value system. In many cases, so we're getting inject all the money we can and whatever it is that we can in pop culture and change the image of who we are over here. When did that happen? Is that in the past 2030 years Well, I can't pinpoint. But I can tell you that like about 20 years ago, there were a couple of members of the Chinese military who wrote a book called UN Restricted Warfare, unrestricted warfare. I would recommend anyone to read this book. So what this is is it's It doesn't say China and the United States. It's about how a weaker come country can bring down a stronger country. Wow. All right, and it's applied unrestricted work for what they know what they do is they Will. You know they don't want to have a military conflict because they know that lose a military conflict. So what they do is they infiltrate the universities that the politicians.

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