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Thank Bonnie Jill. said that he was down at the home plate well taken photos is that some was wet and damped he's ever been in a sport horrible night for baseball horrible might but there is old boats get number two RO I say not found was number two that means there was a number throw there was there was a third of a hundred and I thank you that one we went to Paul and I were at ten and we're at one and three we missed two. tell us what the Detroit. this one happened guys. hammer was one and a turtle mode yeah. there were some of people he didn't want to ruffle any. we're like the morning show there's a lot of people listening is a world. if you were almost Recca Cabrera Detroit we go by his office hiding under his chest. I mean really never was about the Detroit job I'm in a meeting whether he's listening right now. the plate Monterey peninsula Country Club at an event I was invited to but I said well some of us got to work I would like you could say I just took about a week and a half off it feels like although it was a work trip to but it didn't I have the US don't tell anybody that didn't feel like I want her to Moscow two and nine AM broadcast from Fenway was about the most from that family yes thing we've ever done vantage point blew me away so much that's might look at this man that's my screen nice I got changed and. it's I gotta tell you another Frank Pepe a pie how's the weather will leave me that's my stressful album I look at that when there's I locked the door take the phone off the hook I gotta say Murphy it's tough to compete with will not light up the pep a sausage pie but also Fenway Park I was so happy to be in that your again in its sole unique international and it's not Wrigley so if you've been to Wrigley and you feel like a it's not Wrigley it's different there something else going on boss is different it is trips yes three different Merrick in history yeah he has a history I mean others Paul Revere riding down the right. stone the red coats and British here you don't know me can you got the drum kit from Connecticut Murph and I had to deal with he was telling us about goblin was said this he was. he's Jeremiah goddess with really good season Germans seem to be very upset he was did those are the best seats I've ever had at Fenway Park of sin and the wolf could have done better. on the plate using these are terrible..

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