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Yeah, I I question the motives underneath the the gaps that it is underneath. So, you know, it's a nice environment for an animal cuz after a long day of swimming in a circle, it could observe people drinking orange julius, right? Who does birth? See what's happening at the David Busters later in the day. It's a very stimulating and when you think about it, yeah, there's a tunnel you can go through at the at the Mall of America and then and then the fish and the and the Animals they're they have sharks they come and then they they go over the hump and I'm coming right at you. So it's I mean, it's pretty cool, but it can't be a good life. But I do wonder about like the Monterey one where I know that I know that the part of their thing is to stop the extinction of these animals. So, yeah, it's it's it's something that I've pondered this entire ethical quandary. I've pondered it my entire life as an animal lover girl like and as someone that wants to see animals do I go to a zoo to see it? Like is it an ethical do is it ethical is any Zoo. Ethical like because these animals are existing for 2 a.m. Entertainment, so ultimately that's not ethical but also like it's part of conservation to have to trap an animal and show it to children. I don't know why. Well, it's sort of pays for itself. Yeah, you know, but the the the the heart behind it is to make sure that that there's still another kind of that animal, you know for like an elephant in a zoo. Hopefully, there's like thirty in the wild. I don't know. Right right and I will say that That I did go to the Wildlife Park in San Diego once and that was amazing. Now. It felt like it was big enough. And there were fences in between like where the lions are being kept and where the zebras are being kept which felt rude cuz they were next to each other. That's horrible except for the fact that cuz they feed them they don't have to hunt the zebra's yeah, it's still like if you put me in a cage next to a cage full of all of my ex-boyfriend's emotionally speaking and they're all just telling me why they don't love me. So I have seen orcas in the wild and this was one of the coolest things I've ever met. We went on a boat. It was like there were two they were there were two sections on the boat. You can go upstairs and downstairs. Okay. Well, I'm guessing sixty feet long and It was on the coast between Washington and Vancouver, BC. Okay, and on this trip, by the way, right behind me right behind my curly hair is a painting. I did of humpback. Whales. Oh, very nice..

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