Tim Harris, GPS, Supply Chain discussed on The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch - 20VC: What Is The Big Lie To Silicon Valley, Why Silicon Valley Is No Longer Optimised For Deep Tech Investing & Why AI Will Lead To More Business Model Innovation Than Technology Innovation with Tim Harris, Founder & CEO @ Swift Navigation


His friday and went by with another episode of found his friday here on the 20minute vc with me harry stabbings h dubbing nineteen ninetysix on instagram oh yes we've gone for different platform stay within two ground put to the show stay on my love of deep tech really coming to the fore with this show as i'm thrilled to welcome tim harris found on a swift navigation the story focused on building a wall close organization that will power the next generation of gps enabled robots in autonomous vehicles they've raised over 45 million mbc vc funding from some of all favorites including the license first round philippoussis lend nor slobs and any age just to name a few aspartame protests tim held numerous roles from supply chain consulting to corporate finance encapsulation strategic partnerships and emanate by do so have said hughes thank you to join us in downey at renault sequencing it locks capsule for the insurers tim today without which this episode would not have been possible but before we head into today's episode pendant helps companies create products to customers lost it was founded when a looney from rally google cisco and red hat combine that heads on that halls to build something they wanted but never had has pulled up manages a complete platform for proteins with pendo you can understand puerto usage and rapidly may datadriven decisions survey uses inapp the np s and feedback delivered contextual help to improve us news on boarding new features in products to drive adoption without requiring any engineering resources pender is a proven choice of innovative pulled out leaders that salesforce optimize lee said choice and many more leading companies learn more today go dole pendo door ohio slash harry thus go dole pendo dot gov slash harried but when they feel starting out in the industry wants to learn to code like i was four years ago i went to tree house the online school way you can learn how to build websites in apps that course library has thousands of hours of content what you can learn all sorts of topics including jarvis script ios android and more with high highquality video instructions from real industry experts teaching you all you need to know and quizzes encode challenges keeping you engaged in on track none on your schedule and go from beginning to prior to simply had a team tree house dot com to start your free trial.

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