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A one one person tweeted, does anyone want to tell her that Handmaid's literally raped stripped of their freedom and treated as cattle. So I don't know. Maybe she was to rethink strange. But Australia, have you watched this Handmaid's tale thing, this like an anti-trump? Yes. No. It's totally anti-trump getting raped. Yeah. It's popular in the anti-trump era, because it's a feminist statement of some sort. I really. Yeah. Okay. Did you have another? Oh, yeah. Sigourney weaver. Yeah. So I love the movie Ghostbusters. The original with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver when she was at her, most fetching, Emma. Save those days. Well ghost busters three arrives next summer and Sigourney Weaver is going to be in the movie along with Bill Murray, and Dan ackroyd. So they had that all female Ghostbusters. That was terrible Natalie. Yes. No, I never saw. But that was considered Ghostbusters to. Right. This is the third, they're going back to the original because I think that second one was awful. Yeah, I don't think we're all gonna be ackroyd and Murray and Aykroyd Murray and pain them to do a Ghostbusters three what like twenty five years later. Yeah. Well ladies. They're gonna have the marshmallow guy in it, too whenever the marshmallow anyway, I'll look for you. Who you gonna call then? I'm not gonna call you shallow ghost high though. I know I know I just don't want to humor you. All right. Well, we get back the democratic primary is heating up in Iowa who's pulling ahead, we'll check in with ABC news political analyst eve Roberts, but first, let's get the news. It is eight.

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