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I'm Richard Cantu the Memorial Day weekend finds all fifty states in some stage of re opening their economies president trump is predicted the U. S. economy will roar back in short order but senior White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett says it's not happening yet you can see that even though in some states as many as ninety percent of businesses are open now that you're not seeing the kind of movement about that you would see if the virus were completely god has said on CNN's state of the union he also expressed opposition on the house passed three trillion dollar measure that would help state and local governments wanting a pause to see how previous relief measures are doing look at how they're spending the money that they've already gotten project what the shortfall will be and then talk about it with Democrats and Republicans the U. S. cut off travel to this country by non US citizens from Brazil which the World Health Organization considers the epicenter of the outbreak in South America the national security adviser Robert o'brien says the U. S. will try to help Brazil presents committed to getting a thousand ventilators side to Brazil right away we're gonna get some might think as early as this week and more will come over the next month or two Brazilian president gyro ball so narrow who fancies himself the trump of South America has referred to covert nineteen as a little flu a federal judge in Tallahassee struck down the Florida law requiring ex offenders to pay fines and court costs associated with their convictions before they regain the right to vote the court called the Florida plan a paid to vote system that's unconstitutional finding it analogous to the notorious poll tax that for decades prevented low income citizens from voting an appeal by the state is likely new Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern was being interviewed on the broadcast a BO during a broadcast interview on Monday morning when the magnitude five point six earthquake struck I'm not under any hanging lights I look like I'm in a structurally sound at some place the quake was centered northeast of Wellington New Zealand no immediate word of major damage or injuries you're listening to ABC news I've always wanted to learn another language but every time I try I it never sticks so I decided to give babyliss try and I really like the teaching method of the app I started with the beginner lesson on Babel and it starts with simple words and phrases and soon you're putting those words into a conversation each lesson takes about ten to fifteen minutes and they're all really different which keeps things interesting the app is really smart it actually keeps track of the words I'm struggling with so I can practice them and get better I choose Babel because it was created by real language teachers they built it around real life how people actually communicate and what they care about I.

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