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Isn't that weird that I get mad about anything. It's your super proud. It's a special power. Able to be angry about the dumbest shit. Let's go back and clock. Tower. Right. So the Might called her victim because again, her kidnapped her. Terrified by what she sees, she sees a group of monsters surrounding her on even there yet. So she's not even like, Oh, look human. She's like I am not I am not a monster. I am Maggie. Well Ohio Mega raid. Ohio. Inviting you work as a bummer. Ohio. Socks. Sorry. All of our listeners from Ohio, but you know it's So. They say that she's among friends like eight chill. You're among friends were just people that you don't know that we kidnapped you. We brought you to a place. You don't know where you are. fucking. Brooklyn, and friends is a stranger danger moment. So glad this like, Hey, I'll like time. Go sleep sleep. So who will we'll deal later we have to assume she does not to stone. No, she's not a gargoyles. Sunday, she watches these creatures turn into stone is probably like. What she lured walk is happening is I think only the second time we hear her speak, and now that she's got a name I would like to tell you. I don't know her name, but she's from Oh. My God. You got me too excited. Button, who framed Roger Rabbit and? Shut up. She's love from space jam little from space jam. I. Didn't look up how to pronounce her last name, Saucy? Yes. She's south here. So she is also Phil and Lil from rugrats. Did a lot of star, wars star, wars rebels, long history, long career in voice acting, but the best slow I ain't noticed that she was cute Farnsworth and Futurama I. Don't know if you remember that curfew got into. Always always like if it were on, I, watch it. But I've never really seen it. Anyway, her name who I've not said yet Kathy Southsea I believe is how you pronounce that and if I got it wrong listeners I'm sorry, anyway. He's left alone while they're stone. Can you imagine watching like you're talking to wing men and they're like, all right? We're going to bed and you're standing there terrified like what, and then they go outside and turn to stone. You're like, what is my life now? She's going to run away. Yeah. The how do you think she ran the ship? notify. That, she knows how to fly. That's a good question that never crossed my mind. Did you just run down through the police station like? This runs through. Wouldn't. Recognize that bat cats some sort of back. That is another flaw in this episode. As many flaws. Yeah. Because they don't have the strength. Or do they. We don't know don't know. Is it safe to go flying as a bad cat flying around new? York City in broad daylight. Also, I would say, probably not back to Jin Tech, Dream Boat and Matt, or scoping out the wrecked lab. Now is this supposed to be a crime scene at this point, I mean I assume. So but there's no evidence of a crime. Snipe is gone. The EELS are gone. What are we as an audience supposed to believe they think happened? was. The detectives Dream Boat. In Matt are kneeling in a pool of water. They're looking at a pile of dry papers like they found papers and then say, Hey, we should discuss these over here in this punt. Why are they? Why are they in waterless? The papers aren't dripping wet. The pay come from the water. They look through a filing cabinet and said, hey, my shoes look dry. Let's go over there. From these easily and readily available records that are bone-dry. Learn. The editorial owns this fucking organization. Tech. No Shit. No. Fucking Shit. Oh. My I mean, we didn't know know that up to this point, but we've been watching this show for fifteen episodes. Albert fucking knew. That otherwise, why would have had the paper? Yeah. Why? Why would he gone over there to talk about expense reports and TPS? Also, probably public record. Even think she could google that. She could have alta visted. It asked Jeeves Jeeves who owns Virginia Tech. Other than that. All we know from this scene is that to be in water. Dream Boat loves a wet shoe. Remember back to the bugging clocked our or at least we don't have to see them wake up. They could do this every time now. Yeah. We don't have to see the stone break. We get it. We can see the sun set and then just being awake I feel, we don't need the rocks, which is Kinda what they did here. Yeah. They they're like Oh. Maggie's gone. No Shit. You probably left as soon as we went to sleep, nobody cares that. There's a lot of focus on the wrong shit in this episode, and I just wonder at what point does. Broadway. His Lexington and even goliaths say we give up this lady doesn't want our help. We brought her here to a safe place. We didn't tell her say plays who we were, but she doesn't help were done before they went to bed when she was still with them. Them Brooklyn was being like extra Hansie in here. He's like she needs. Yes. Yeah. No, she does not sir on like. All right, dude, like you need a fucking calmed down. Yeah. This is when I was like, oh, he is becoming obsessive. It's disturbing and it's very unbecoming of a young gentleman one, hundred percent. So please come down Castle Wyans. Rent I don't WanNa. Talk about. The end like the big. Yeah. This is the big reveal. Right? Like we see the cat coils flying. Yeah. We see. Derek like doing tricks Derek like aren't guys. We need to figure out these wings and then he owned my lead and they're all just like, okay and blindly jump off the side of the building. Yeah. They don't like try to do some wing flutters above ground for is like. Maybe jump from one part of the tower today. The part of the tower sounds like a control jump. No, they're just free airing it. Yeah. Off Of Castle in the highest point on the planet yeah. Good Luck Guy Oh they're fine. They're actually they're fine. It's totally cool I. Think hold they don't have any clothes on I mean the gargoyles dominant clothes on, but maybe the gargoyles are cold blooded I. Think they are why aren't they giving clothes? These are people that are used to wearing clothes. They're not used to hanging around in their underwear flying with bat wings like give these mother fuckers Parker especially that high up in the sky. Yes, LIZ is. In the sky. I mean, it's a good thing. They're Dick's already retract because they'd be doing it right now. Wearing, little thong. So the cargo show. Dumps like a truck truck truck. Was the Gargoyles they show up. Aerial fight scene, and it's one of the weaker fight scenes in the tire. Really amped up by and said, they had to focus on ping pong between locations. Yeah. This is where the show shines is the aerial battles. Yeah. This was sad. This is when we see. Brooklyn get gross within where he's full on like trilby wearing red pill just. He chases after Maggie. Yeah. She doesn't want anything to do with them now, and he's like I just WanNa hold your hand and smell your hair. Why won't you let me love you and she electrocute him. Yeah. Happy. Powers. You brought Zappia powers earlier. This is when we I, see them. I guess they their emails or however it's supposed to work, but they have you'll powers. Now Debbie's happy Derek and Goliath tussle because Derrick hates Goliath. Now he shed. Yeah. He totally should and dream boat shows up and in boats like don't you hurt my boyfriend, why are you.

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