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Out the forecast. It'll be still some wet situations through the morning hours here, some light rain eventually we'll get two healthy son breaks for the afternoon trying out with temperatures. Upper forties the low fifties. Overnight Tonight, chance of maybe a shower or two in some parts of western Washington. Otherwise, partly cloudy temperatures will be in a little forties. Tomorrow. We're off for sunny weather after maybe some clouds, it's does to start hard day. Temperatures again in the fifties Brain back on Monday. That's the latest in the coma. Weather Center stay connected. Stay informed The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 With the other control spread of the Corona virus vaccine distribution still being planned, limiting the size of gatherings here for the holidays and for the rest of that year that message this morning from infectious disease expert on ABC News contributor Dr Todd Element Right now he's urging anyone who traveled over Thanksgiving to get multiple covert tests in the days ahead. But not too soon. Generally, what we say is that when you're tested the day that you get infected You test negative. We know that from studies, so we generally recommend being tested Maybe four days after the last contact that you've had for a story from overseas protests on the streets of Tehran following the killing of Iran's top nuclear physicist for the story, ABC is Julia Macfarlane Matson for me Today he was the driving force behind Iran's atomic weapons program, the country's most renowned nuclear scientists, as well as a senior officer in that elite force known The IRGC in 2018. He was even named by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a presentation about Iran's nuclear program and 10. Years ago, The Iranian government said that Israel was behind the assassination off four other of their nuclear scientists who were killed between 2010 on 2012. Now Israel has never publicly confirmed or denied involvement in these assassinations, but has always said They will never tolerate a nuclear Iran. An explanation may be behind that mystery of the huge piece of metal found in the Utah desert. It's a 12 ft tall, seemingly metal monolith that left a lot of people scratching their heads. A team of biologists and a helicopter came across the structure recently in an undisclosed desert area of southeastern Utah. But questions quickly arose isn't a Hollywood prop for an art installation? You're one of the magnet test, so I didn't bring a strong enough one. But Not sticking. Those of the attempt. That's David Surber 33, year old former army officer who drove six hours to find the exact location of the object. He thinks the art installation theory is plausible. Eric Dennis ABC NEWS. Since the start of the pandemic Feeding America has seen demand at its network of 200 food banks increased by 60%, executive vice president and chief operating officer. Katie Fitzgerald says she expects that need to grow as the winter months now get colder. What is really important for those folks understand is you are not alone. And you should not feel any shame or embarrassment for what help you may need. Fitzgerald is asking.

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