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You don't have the same vigor is if you buy one that's crafted on rootstock right there's millions of roses grown here so what they're done there they stick a cutting of a really hard cold hardy cultivars and then it gets large enough to graft onto it we cannot win not cutting yeah finding your you like doing the cuttings or anything special as far as how we like going into shock well the easiest way to do rose cuttings is first off you want roses that have come through a harder winter with the chill so what we do when we're propagating roses from cuttings we take we grow I'm a twenty four inch boxes are cutting stock we put him into a semi reefer trailer and we turned him down to about twenty five twenty eight degrees and leave in a container for a week to get that would really dormant and then we take the cuttings on that word and put it onto a heat stable so what we want is we want dormant would and then we want to put that onto a heat table and that way it roots out comes out a lot faster so you know this would not be a very easy time to grow roses from cuttings it would be much easier done in the winter time all right thank you Sir bye bye Dennis in Glendale high Dennis Ryan yes Sir I have a question tango Mandarin orange tree thank them it can't make things Mandarin tree and Everton I've had it in the ground it's only about five feet tall right now and it's still a little dive into having a grand for a year and I knew deep watering once a month in the in the winter and and every two weeks in the summer and it was it's better with a bunch of leaves and and in the spring time want to hit a hundred degrees it dropped a bunch of the leaves and it does look a bit now hi Dennis you want to make sure the trunks protected you know sit in time you want to water probably once a week.

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