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All right. It is Halloween. If you are listening to this. It's too late. I'm already back in Ohio State. You're taking the I. It's going to plummet probably at my house right deco getting prepared for our flight. You know, and I'm I'm in the comfort of I'm I made the ringer book me a hotel, even though I have a house in Columbus. Like, I don't wanna get viral. And you don't have your car. Exactly. And I just wanted to end or lift and Columbus two point. I don't I don't know. I have to check that out. It's pretty cool scooters feels like some California. You guys have the birds. Only. It's it's it's it's Halloween. Hey, Kyle nice. Nice Halloween mask. You got on their Kyle mercy is just guys you guys kiss cows not wearing a mask. It's face, sir. Is it good? That's the butters. That's the way shit right there. That's my favorite. That's the one Halloween joke et to every year. And it's with the the seven kids. Yeah. Rogers, Mark Titus Davidenko. Call the FBI podcast how much we talk to get me in trouble Tate. We we do not have time damn it. There's no time. We we we've been doing as I said this is part four of our previous part three. We have tried to make like an hour long. Each of them have been like an hour thirty hour. They've been pretty much to ours. We we don't have time to screw around. We have to get to these teams with that being said, do you have anything you want to say before? In the words, Penny Hardaway my life is a movie in these podcasts are just as long as just tune in. And going to talk about today talking about the tea. That's the tease let's get into it. Let's start with team number twenty five a team coach by man is made on the hot seat. That's my first question to you. We're talking about the Marquette golden eagles. I'm talking about. Whoa. Joe? Is he on the hoc- Tate? No interesting. Really? What's your what's your angle here? I like would you Caskey Marquette? Yeah. And I'm having for Steve. Coach will Jakubowski as we know. Whoa. Joe for the kids kids love. Whoa. Joe? Love love nicknames. That's how they get into it. I like to describe it the way he described it. And he described it as a rubik's cube. Because you know in a world and a world of sports, you know there. There's always the ultimate battle of nerds verse athletes, would you reach that gap. Right. He's right at the pinnacle, you know, between those two so to say that his team is a rubik's cube to say this mission statement at Marquette is a rubik's cube was nice everyone of the team was like what coach what are you talking about? And then he just started doing aerobics you by himself. Marquette is fine as a program. Whoa. Joe's a good face for the program because he went to do he knows coach K. He's got some text messages will show you just get you. Don't believe him. Look coach K text me last year. I'll show it to you. So I think everything's okay, fifth season seventy three and fifty ninety took over pretty crappy team when he came in twenty one and fourteen last year, not nine in the big east about five hundred and they got Marcus Howard, which is really why care about Marquette. Yes. Everyone shooting you bring up. The Roussy reminded me. I'm going to confession. If for those of you who are the type to make fun of people on the internet, please stop please pause the podcast and just fast forward by about thirty seconds because I don't get made fun of for this..

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