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Yeah. The ball home in. Music in the NFL you get a lot of one hit wonders, Steelers going to be good for a long time. Patriots gonna be good for a long time. I have a feeling Philadelphia's going to be good for long time. The Seahawks guy little vanilla ice Seahawks. Got a little bit l. ice San Francisco with Harbaugh halo ball Hau-man like Saxon Ville last ten years. One one playoff appearance. I like Jalen Ramsey great player, but gronk is good. No question. He's better better with Tom than he would be with Ryan tannehill. But when you look at the numbers, he is worth a field goal. He is worth a field goal. Just remember this. Outside of quarterback Vegas doesn't think most NFL players, even the great ones are worth more than a point. He's worth three times. Joy Taylor with the news. On the news. This is the heard line news. I got a little bit of news before we get to the heard line news and that is Erin. Donald. The Rams near Donald have finalized a record six year. One hundred and thirty five million dollar including an eighty, seven million dollar guaranteed God for her sources according to Adam schefters the richest defense at the NFL history. Donald is now tied to LA for the next seven years. And of course we'll be ready. Monday night the raiders and maybe probably not. Now, Khalil Mack, does it appear? The Rams are the only team in the league that is not working with a salary cap. They've got something going on. Sure. So in shut 'em Schefter also tweeted that his salary cap number for the two thousand eighteen season rises from six point eight, nine, two million to eight point eight, nine million. So they so they still have room in their salary cap. What the Rams are clearly able to do and teams that are lower like the raiders can't do is in order to give eighty seven million guaranteed. You have to show in your Bank. You have eighty seven million dollars, the raiders don't. And so STAN Kroenke is either the richest owner in the NFL or second richest to Paul Allen. They are giving out guaranteed money like they're the Yankees in sport with no salary cap. And I, I'm here to tell you ninety percent of the teams in this league. They're not right in those guaranteed bonus checks. They're not giving you those guaranteed money to everyone. That's for sure, but on, he got his contract. So earlier this week we talked about this Matt Jenkins said he. Wanted the Super Bowl champion, sign hanging eagles locker room gone and that thinker Jenkins head coach, Doug Peterson's listens to listen to his players and decide have the banner moves elsewhere and lane. Johnson seems time with also listen. Aren't looking at every day. One one spray strip for the city, but are as new year on. Thanks, good to. Fresh with our. I actually this whole mentality starting to make me kind of believe in the eagles. Again, I'm going to go as far as I is is Super Bowl, but. The fact that they are aware that that those kind of subconscious messages that were already on top, you know, we won the Super Bowl, and this is kind of distracting to have this in the locker room. Is it the time? I think they're too well-coached too well, quarterback and too good on the lines. Not to be very viable. Doesn't mean they're gonna again. You can have injuries. Listen, you, can you can have you get beaten, a hail Mary. I mean, but their personnel there coaching in their quarterback and their general manager, how he rose them. They're just too good at the top and have a good own. So I do see this. I'm not saying they're going to do a New England run. Right? But the first thing I always look at who's your owner, who's your GM who's your coach and who's your quarterback in if you can give me be plus to a minus and all those. That's the Steelers. That's when you'll ask for ten to fifteen years. They're built to be sustainable. So Josh Rosen has made no secret of his grudge about being drafted as the fourth quarterback in round one and with one approaching here to tell everyone that nothing has. Changed, but it's always in the back of my head these teams that kinda screwed it up. I definitely won't let them move it down when when all said and done frustrated and still am, but I don't really need much extra motivation..

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