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So this'll be in fourteenth place. I think that's right okeydokey. Then it's above episode eleven. The wolf standing atop the darkness. A police by rated rated three pointer. Yeah so that that fits like a middle middle episode. A queen where we putting up with thirty one. I apparently i'm pretty optimistic on this. Because i'm putting this just above episode one below episode twelve in lake seventh-place yup yet that is seventh. Because i've bat. Yeah now i feel like we also put it in a reasonable place like six place l. fourteenth place in seven points. So we're all fairly a little bit more optimistic than in previous weeks but still also i as davies. I've been hurt before by this show. I don't want to be this this episode so good in the next episode. I've given a pope since problem to get to the doctors. The doctors will juice to do something and it turned out. It wasn't even respect women juice or anything it was just a it was just t unless we get a new revelation of full pantomime because of the doctors like we just get like a sort of ultra sort of thing that like mazuz. Good sometimes on an employee. I still please please do something anything. I'm actually pretty for millennium months so far. But you know i mean. Actually don't anything in the show yet. These you're an exactly. It's so easy for me to go idea before they've had to execute anything Ready to move on to questions because we have a lot of questions to raid. That will kind have been through pretty quickly. 'cause we've got off from last week as well as episode thirty or sounds good all right so first of all. We have snide on youtube in these role from youtube says the digital kind of the bad the digital kind of kids into battle thus putting them in more danger has been waiting them out from the start way to fix the problem that was never there in the first place. They hate the lack of direction enfold momentum in the show thirty episodes. They don't have any idea about how evolution works on. What the lorries. I guess this episode is sort of fixing o'hare then they say that you extra just post the text on these for me so i i. I'm i'm only way okay. I thought you off youtube okay. I'm reading them directly from youtube. Gotcha but yes. So snyder says there's a lot of tai chi end package next episode which this episode we out him and it's not really so hopefully that's not enjoy this episode like we did Then says that the animation..

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