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Kim nice jitsu and you're teaching random sport. Bj jj techniques kid watson on his first day even more than it all to go. I don't understand what that is. Why are we doing. But when the first day he walks in and i go up and i say hey what would you do it. Someone popular shoulder like this and then grab your backpack and pull it onto the ground. All go holy shoot. I'm in the realist place in my life and i know exactly what you're talking about and i don't know what i would do. Teach me teacher and we go and show him. He leaves one class already feeling. What if someone messes with our morrow. I'm ready like this has happened. And i'll be like yo tomorrow when they had victims and they head of this guy does this says it's that i say look at me tomorrow when he does that to walk upstream. Don't say anything tomorrow. 'cause you already said he'd never listened all your stepping with one foot and push him as hard as you can with two hands. Both power push right in the chest. There's no heart the heart. Okay like that. You didn't like that. It's never gonna happen again and bully pushes head. I did it. And he fell down the ground and then he asked. Why did you do that. And i said why do what. And then that was the last we ever spoken. He hasn't mess with me since point as still like this creates any sort of has it. Has it ever creating sort of delusion for people where they believe that. Hey i'm more qualified or capable than i than i think. I am where they start to get little inflated here more so than may be are people humans are so innately wire as are all mammals. Really that that frigging bigger line is gonna kill the smaller line san. They're not the little lines not delusional at any point thinking. I can kill that bigger lion. You know he's going to be in london. you know. The small spider is not gonna kill the spider of the same species. Right elise right. The small squirrels not going to take that nuts that monster twice the size squirrel. This is how it right. Mammals humans people animals. Just know that. Y'all that's good can kill you. So what we're teaching them is so far against the natural. Dna wiring a humid in the sense. A bigger person have advantage. There's no doubt right eight year of nature a so. We're we're going to get that wiring so intently but human still have their initial wiring. Which is that's a freaking bigger person. And i learned a lotta jitsu but i'm not stupid and if i have to will but i'd rather not understand even like i'm as capable as a guest but even i see a guy who's to seventy five six four. Nfl player. And i go art. I prepare my whole life for this. But i'd rather not unless we're just going to explore a scientific experimentation reasons. Then it's funny games right. I think so. Yeah and i think you also understand. When you're you're intimately familiar with these situations you understand the ramifications right. It's not comfortable to get punched in the face. It's not comfortable to get somebody squeeze and squeezing their arms around your neck and you don't want to have that happen so you deescalate to the degree that you can because you realize the consequences of escalating the situation georgia to really teach to the totality of a physical altercation so you respect that engagement much more. You're not getting rolled up on math on a regular basis. That person can't walks around the world. Like joel. says the average thinks is ten times better than he actually is right or whatever. He's better fighters already ability right. And and that's that range true here. And so i think someone is much more likely to have inflated sense of confidence and capability who does not any martial arts in the person who actually practices and like you said is humbled is where knows what they want to not be part of because even anybody degrading practice. You still get caught. You still lose so you marley. You're not you're not invincible. And that that sense of reality will definitely caution you from getting into a fight. That doesn't need to be got into. Yeah that makes sense. Well hey i appreciate you man. I really appreciate everything that you do. I've been following you for a long time. And i'm gonna make sure that all the links and everything that you gave me are up to date and current of the guys can go check those out because my path has been a little different than what you're talking about here. I've enjoyed every minute of it. But there's certainly a lot of value to what you're doing. And i could see a lot of men being inspired to actually get into this and we didn't even get into the positive benefits outside of the physical realm. Like how it's going to help you improve your relationship or how you're going to be able to actually talk with your boss a little bit more assertively or pick up new clients because you have the balls to ask for the sale like there's so many different ways is is going to help outside of the matter outside of the physical altercation actually knows ways are actually if you put them on a scale they way more and are more frequently applied then the i don't get into street fights but i use use. Every single day in the boardroom like every single day in business and in family and a relationship in negotiations and in leverage right so absolutely. You're right one hundred percent and two people out there. Who are you know if you train your to to everything we talked about was familiar. I'll just go to gracie instructor dot com. And let's get you up to open a certified training center reserve the territory joined the family and is not an affiliation things it can be affiliated with another organization..

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