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Twenty two and time to check the business news here. Stocks finished higher on Wall Street yesterday. The Dow up one hundred and seventy two points closing at twenty five thousand four hundred eleven NASDAQ up fifty five the s&p closed up thirteen points futures are lower this morning. Are Dow futures are down forty nine NASDAQ down twelve s and p futures are down five overseas wanting to European markets lower as well footsie in London down about a quarter of a point. The Dax in Germany down a half a percent, and in Japan, the Japanese Nikkei index up about a tenth of a point. Well, you don't have to spend a lot of money to show someone you love them correspondent. Daria Albinger, says a lot of people are still going to do it though. The national retail federation says Americans will spend more than twenty billion dollars on Valentine's Day and most of it by manner expecting to spend over three hundred dollars on their partners. In comparison women are only expecting to spend about sixty four dollars on their partners and grades Kellyanne Smith suggesting couples show their love and more economical way. There's so many different ways that they can have a meaningful celebration without going out and spending a lot of money cook dinner together or maybe by your beloved chocolates or flowers for Valentine's Day, not both. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Governor Phil Murphy, creating a new set of rules for hiring state workers have his administration hired a man who had been accused of rape. Katie Brennan claim she was sexually assaulted by a colleague Alvarez during the Murphy campaign in two thousand seventeen she went to other campaign officials, but Alvarez was hired anyway after Murphy won election. The new rules will dictate how allegations are investigated and will create an atmosphere where victims feel more comfortable coming. Forward. Modern family is splitting up. The EMMY winning ABC comedy is coming to an end. Correspondent Jason Nathanson with that story. It's one of the most critically acclaimed comedies in history are tougher than you think when I was five years. We'll maybe see. There was a good next season of modern family season. Eleven will be the last season ten curly airing on ABC the groundbreaking sitcom about an extended blended family has been a solid ratings performer for years though. The numbers have been steadily going down during its heyday modern family won five Emmys for best comedy tied with Frazier for the most wins. Jason Nathanson, ABC news Hollywood. And the Oscars will officially have no host for the first time in thirty years. Comedian Kevin Hart was supposed to do it. But stepped aside amid a backlash over some past homophobic tweets. So officials have confirmed there will be no host for the ninety first Academy Awards that will be held February twenty fourth and live on ABC five. Twenty five is our time right now. You're listening to the first morning news here on seven ten W. O R more news in just a moment..

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