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To Seattle twenty one minutes on either like bridge northbound five oh nine hits the brakes from a hundred and eighty to ninety nine which they slowed a whole gate in south ninety nine is busy out of Fremont to Mercer flooding has closed the maple valley highway from my highway eighteen two hundred ninety six it's call Hobart road from the valley did ninety six the state route nine hundred from the valley the palace Dr because this is about eighteen slow going along much of tiger mountain is it's taking on this extra traffic is state route two oh three still blocked from milepost fifteen to twenty two our next como traffic at eight fifty four our common goal roof forecast and does some scattered showers plenty of fog and mist around western Washington so much moisture in the ground we are expecting rain and wind to increase later today perhaps in time for the afternoon commute certainly overnight tonight your Saturday breezy with a chance of some showers and a high about forty eight and things are going to Iraq initially clear up Sunday's forecast is for mostly sunny skies the same thing on Monday as well traffic and weather brought to you by triple a on the road things can change in a flash be ready for winter with triple a hero of the highway call eight hundred to join triple a or visit triple a dot com stay connected stay informed calm all morning is powered by the world class positions at eight forty seven right now on this Friday morning Greg commercial can manufacture here this is the cold morning news Frank lenses of the other steps for months senator Bernie Sanders and former south bend Indiana mayor P. put a judge will be among the democratic candidates debating tonight in New Hampshire the encounter between those two candidates comes after they finish neck and neck in this week's Iowa caucuses the three hour debate will air live here on come on ruble were delayed an hour it'll be at six o'clock here on come on news radio president trump this morning on his way to a private appearance later on today telling reporters outside the White House as he headed to the helicopter that all of the democratic.

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