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Brady bunch i think of morphou mac first and foremost are you a brady bunch guy i watched it when it was first on yes you wouldn't consider yourself a deavere tabled yet i could i go as deep as merv up wow i know the by notoriety batch largely when they were 100 style man i oh that's yo came on when i was nine years old so yeah i watched them on us he added i've no senior confidence sore quite lucky gis just now i love that joe murphy says it memorized i watched a lot of observe man i i mean you know when marshon greg were walking in high school and it was i gave these two are supposed to be brother and sister and he could tell that they were getting it on andrea live images it just whose through oh yeah i i follow the show you know as much as anyone so dave you know that got your back for life i'm covering eur six guns dude i'm gonna i'm gonna take murph in that fight now boxing motorsports pretty much any of the kind of second tier sports i've got dudayev who roll with dave jiang's for life and new peter couldn't saying and i know all her came on the show at the end of it all all right all right anyway mike brady my brain didn't pitch poorly by the way day fleming poking little fine i love with broadcasters allow little of their personnel of personality to infuse the cast and we've got four great ones here in san francisco but dave pointing out that might brady a cow guide hunter pence got him that was awesome and underpins pence did it on a pitch that was outside hunter pinch tip it one hundred pence typically roles us over or leedle will pop out you know little can't a corn and for him to go center right centre with that for a home run it would truly was i i didn't know he was capable of it.

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