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Just rings too. We were, uh Biggest back team across the world when we were in the doldrums, and we're getting Beat up weekend week out. He had Brown's backers buyers all over the world, and I was always one of those guys wearing Brown's gear that would have somebody say something to him and their airport or a gas station. Now that we're beating everybody up and We've got what seems like a solid coach with a solid plan and a solid head on his shoulders. Which to be honest, we had a bunch of times in the past. Everybody thought Mike Holmgren was great. Romeo Crennel came out is one of the Michael Aubry stole my mommy. Always a good guy. Romeo's Romeo is still a good guy. He's just little antiquated now. Yeah, it didn't play out like it should have. But even huge action you Jackson was supposed to be this incredible offensive mind just never worked out. And here we are. Here We are. Brothers. Look at us. The Browns are 10 and four And you finally you finally reach a point, Boyd. Thank you very much for the call. And I hope you have a very merry Christmas, The bronze or 10 and four and you're the point. We're right now. You're looking at your aunt, just like I would look at my aunt and I can't say it. You know what? I'm going to say her name? What the hell? She's dated a lot of men. My aunt Cheryl. Maya Charles had up Tana boyfriends and more than one husband. And I look at my aunt and I love my it dearly even though she's a Steelers fan. I do love my aunt Sincerely. And she'd bring a guy home when I was a kid. I knew that that guy was going to be a loser. It was the same thing when people thought what they thought about Hugh Jackson when the Browns marched him into the office. It was the same thing that people thought when the bronze march Rob Chudzinski, who was a good guy, by the way, but they marched him into the office. But you knew that it wasn't gonna work out. It was the same thing when they drafted quarterbacks X Y and Z before they drafted Baker Mayfield and we were even thinking that way. We're about Baker Mayfield for a time And now finally The Browns or as I like to call my Aunt Cheryl looks like they brought home a guy who's good with a job and good to the kids and good to everybody else and doesn't have too many too many Jack Daniels and tonics during Christmas dinner..

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