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Last year, I've got you guys with Barrett Jones and Sean Kelly on the call. For Old Miss. It's you, Mike Stoops and coach Kyle Flood who I love to death. We'll talk. We're just kind of sitting here on on the 50 Brian Denning about 118 Heat Index and you brought up. You know that the play from the previous week and it was all about fun. And that stuck with me because for people don't know. The story, described rock scissors paper between Judy Waddle and Devante Smith because men right then I was like Sock is back, folks. He's gonna be a head coach again because he's not just he's not going to grind you into the ground. He's also let you have some fun. As players described that what what? That that moment that play what that means to guys. Well, it was coming out of a time out. I think we might have just gotten a turnover. And we were cut all in the huddle. And everyone was kind of like, okay, Coach. What do you think? You know, they get excited. You know the players excited. You know me well enough, and that like I'm a pretty aggressive play caller and I put a lot of trust in our players to make good decisions. And so I let him know what the call was gonna be, and they all got excited. They all wanted to be the single receiver on our sideline for the play call. So they started playing rock paper scissors for who could play that spot, which I thought was pretty cool because it was a couple things about it. One we had we teach Our players to learn concepts. We don't teach him to learn one position, so they all can play everywhere that they were all comfortable enough to want to be in that spot to that. There was almost some joy and that Yeah, they wanted the ball. But yet if the other guy was gonna win this rock paper scissors, they were gonna be kind of happy for him. You know, that's the environment we created. But oddly enough, what happened in the play? I really think I can remember. Rugs are a lot of lever One model of the middle. What on a model doesn't win the rock paper scissors, he loses. Can't bear If he was, it might have been rugs that one. What happened is rugs runs the post route. He gets double covered, and Waddle comes from the other side of the field and catches the 40 yard game. So the rock paper scissors really didn't play out the way they wanted it to, But I just thought, man These guys gotta love what they get to do, You know, I mean, this is college football. And when you're confident you put in the work and you prepare, it's okay to be loose. It's okay to have fun doing what we do. And I think that's what the best teams do. You know. I mean, I've watched clips of Brett Farve getting in the huddle or Joe Montana getting in the huddle. Or should I was watching a video the other day of Vince Young, it practice dancing with the offensive line, getting ready for the national championship game..

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