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All colors, of course, of course, of course anybody can get it. That's it. Anybody can get on the Pac-Man Mexican Puerto Rican. Y'all can get it. Anybody can come. Listen. I love doing Cooper He's a great coach. He knows his shit your honestly amazing touch. You can't get better than you. So I like it. I like it now now why did you move to Vegas from La a son would I leave they'll Aziz Mian Ali had a partnership. I mean we just woke. Look for a long time and he's like the way that I've dealt with my career when I went over to Baja day. He like, you know, how I dealt with that situation and some of the Big Wigs over there and you know, he was just like, you know what I think that the pflp be a move for you. What do you think about that? And this is what's just talking we didn't have an agreement. I didn't sign with them or anything and you know me being in the game and non-management from the different side. And like I said my journey I kind of understood some things happening down with our leads just was you know, understanding that I'm My Own man. I'm I'm My Own fighter, you know, I guess event in the sport now, but I also know my work I know what people are going to offer me to fight. I know what I'm ranked world as far as you don't like other people and where they are people in the gym. They know that I'm a Hidden Gem as far as like the world knowing how really really good. I am in a sense, you know, most of my life and good things happen inside the gym where the guys around me know, man when I come out to the scene when they really get a show of me, they'll you'll get to see the real exciting Bubba J. That that most people expect..

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