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That as race for transit. We're not doing. So in such a large Bashar that we put us also in anti competitive from an economic development perspective because putting making us the highest tax counting Ohio's not good optics. You you want to track generally, we tend to be more fiscally conservative here. But I guess that's the way government is turning over the last number of years is to spending more money or increasing the burden of taxpayers have to fund. People who buy stuff have to fund I in I think for most people against him too. Well, it's sorta it's the streetcar it's it's a boondoggle debacle in his is this money going to bail out the streetcar think that's ultimately going to be the cell. You're going to have over voters tied. Poor tune Hamlin county Commissioner I think he's always coming on the show this morning and doing the hard work of the people. Thank you very much. I appreciate having the time in the voice, and you do a great job appreciate the compliments and likewise tiptoes nice to be on a Monday. But I will say this. As certainly as a county has turned more blue. We are seeing the amount of money being spent going up for the taxes going up to were handling county will be the highest in the state of Ohio this past hard to fathom. But that's what's going on. But the reality is sorta and metro been a must be a mess for a long time. It's something that has to be fixed right now chief Joel Herzog Westminster PD is giving a press conference. We'll have details on that. Of course, we're all related to the shooting. Late last night of four relatives in a apartment building in Westchester and chief hers updating the media now, we'll have what he had to say about that coming up in about five minutes inside news here on seven hundred w w. Just like showering sticky. Sweat off your body after digging out an old septic tank..

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