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Morning bye bye desmond did you can find an alternate route i'll take it believe me if there's the mess mess go there's a mess we'll get you through it i think is in washington on koa news radio some time we go beyond ufos and the paranormal for something a little more spiritual we are all fully darnell spiritual be deeply loved by the divine invented power of that god that creative dorin coast to coast am we don't even truly love our doping and infinite and internally powerful divine manure being tonight tony eleven on koa newsradio fall in denver is what the meteorologist call a transitional season seventy degrees one day and bam seven inches of snow the now raced through existed as the weather changes tv it on koa newsradio talking about this stuff that really matters vis mandy connell afternoons at one on koa newsradio two seven fourteen people who assault on my name humble themselves play she bought face and turn from that we could ways i won't hear from heaven and will forgive their sins you'll their land dwight eisenhower said there's nothing wrong with america the faith love of freedom intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure true very true qaid is back with us we'll see if we got through his cell phone problems i kate how are ya i'm doing good can you hear me now yes sir i can thanks and your age how old are you again you should your 22 and got a baby yeah i'm twenty tear married with the baby girl only twenty three and a month or touba my question for you so i am working toward my bachelor's degree right now um and outta pocket and then face school and my question it after that i.

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