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Way shout out one of our favorites here in the bay area and all he did for the forty niners frank gore heading home to miami signed with the dolphins today i love frank gore i feel like he's a hall of famer but i was listening to a podcast about you know an nfl podcast about frank gore and some guys were talking about it it was a bucky bucky brooks anyway and the notion of whether or not frank gore's a hall of famer based on where he resides on the all time rushing list i would say yes but at the same time can you talk about the era lee frank gore off i think he can and this a you will not find a guy that admires frank gore more than i do but you're talking about the era that he played him a pass happy era sure and yet he still ranks where he does and the all time rushing list i go back and i look at to me the definitive frank gore season i think it was still under mike nolan and just like the percentage of yards that he got for the forty niners and the percentage of the plays that he was used on was like up at like sixty percent or something crazy like that frank gore i think is a is a slam dunk hall of famer i think his longevity is played them into that first ballot conversation and you're right i mean he's going to be fourth he's gonna pass curtis martin in the air in air where everyone is getting away from the run he sits wear yeah i mean and and these are the names you're right jimbo because these are the names that are going to be behind him these are going to be the names and frank gore's rear view mirror ladainian tomlinson jerome bettis eric dickerson tony dorsett jim brown marshall faulk edgerrin james marcus allen thurman thomas john riggins oj simpson ricky watters now bad company my goodness and he's going to be the only heads that'll be ahead.

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