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What does the death of Ruth? Bader GINSBURG mean for us as a community and a country what have you learned about her in the last few days that surprised you that you didn't know where were you and what were you thinking when you first found out about her death on Friday join the conversation Nancy. I. I. My my brain is Kinda stuck on you talking about this woman who you knew well, but who was also illegal giant as the person you want to be I mean that's Really saying something. Well I I remember As I wrote in an op Ed I recently did that I was in my twenties I was. Very, young lawyer we had Students at Yale Law School put together a women a lot of course it was one of the first women in the law courses and the constitutional part of that we've been in the course was really being framed by the ACL US women's rights project. In other words, we're learning about what Ruth Bader Ginsburg was doing to litigate to break down. People don't re recall in the seventies. The law embodied discrimination against women. There were rules that women could do X. or Y. Women couldn't. Serve on juries women women couldn't be executors of wheels. If there was a man was contesting in the law embodied discrimination against women in very fundamental and explicit ways, and she was sort of steadfastly knocking them down and they would be a women in the law conference where all of us twenty somethings would go and and she would be the keynote speaker. And I was. Blown away she's a very soft spoken speaker and but what what the message had clarity to it, which has never dimmed an clarity to the relationship between legal discrimination and societal discrimination concern about the way women were treated and all aspects of life. Sort of breaking down what the stereotypes where you know women as mother. As child rear and men not so much and she was radically in that vision I. Love to quote a something out of her first textbook where she. talked. About how a gender discrimination traps, not just women but men. In sex roles, you know provider on the one hand childcare person on the other. And as the mother of sons. I I am thrilled that can envision being caregivers. In ways that my father certainly. couldn't envision so I listened to her and I wanted to be her..

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