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Radio city at 11 A.m. another cove? It 19 shake up on the presidential campaign. Good morning. One and all. I am Matt. Outside live in the K. M. J newsroom. The Biden campaign, says Kamala Harris will spend will suspend rather all in person events after two of her staffers tested positive for the Corona virus. Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris was set to head to Asheville, North Carolina, today to rally her supporters. But that plan is on hold after her communications director and a second non staff member who had been traveling with her tested positive for covert 19. The campaign says that neither infected personal is close to Harris and that she has tested negative. Still, she's canceling all travel until next Monday. Jim Ryan ABC NEWS Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, joining other members of the GOP and asking the head of Twitter to provide information to lawmakers over who made the called a Sensor. A New York Post story. About Joe one. Hunter Biden yesterday crew sending an open letter to twenties Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, seeking clarification on the efforts to block accounts from sharing the article that is damning to the Bidens. Never Before have we seen active censorship of a major press publication with serious allegations of corruption of one of the two candidates for president. Crews also calls this move by Twitter quote, hypocritical. Giving its past willingness to share other less sourced reporting. An apparent fake tweet is upping the rhetoric in an already contentious Valley congressional race. The race for California's 21st congressional district is getting uglier by the minute fewer than 900 votes separated Democrat TJ Cox from a publican David validate two years ago, and now they're getting ready for round two. Monday, Cox's campaign manager, Amanda Sands, called out validated for Retweeting. President Trump's California is going to hell tweet, but it turns out that tweet may have been doctored. There's only one active Twitter account right now that is associated with me, and it's the DJ valid ale. And so when I first saw that I thought, no, that's not mine. A staffer with the National Republican Congressional Committee also called out Sands for the tweet her response. Sure my photo shop skills leave something to be desired. Another user who identified At himself as a Cox staffer tweeted Amanda is guilty of funny tweets and reference to it. And the reality is there was a dirty tweet that was totally made up, and they think it's okay. That was Fox 26 news reporter lays Gonzalez California Republican Party says it won't comply with an order from the States elections chief to remove unofficial ballot boxes from several counties, including Fresno with competitive House races. Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Javier Sara say the boxes are illegal and have ordered them to be removed by today. But the state GOP says they're not touching the boxes because they comply with California's ballot harvesting law. Three minutes after 11 the Dow is fighting to get on the positive side of down. It's been in the red all morning long down triple digits or Maura at one point, But now the Dallas clawed its way back. It's still in the negative and now down just 36 points. The NASDAQ is also improving its now down just 95. The Dow Jones industrial average currently trading.

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