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Traffic, and weather. Your news now. Forty seven degrees at two thirty. I'm curt Lewis top stories tonight. More than a dozen people confirmed killed in a Muslim terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya. An attack at a hotel known to be popular with tourists. The latest now from CBS news CBS news update. The president of Kenya has just finished speaking moments ago and says at least fourteen or dead after an attack at an upscale hotel, dozens of survivors have been released after being trapped there for more than twelve hours. They fled for their lives Lucy. One zero is one of them gets short. Someone actually looked me outside 'cause not from Dallas is the fighting is now over and president Aurora Kenyatta says those behind the attack have just been killed a security operation. Adduce it complex is over. An all the terrorists eliminated. The US State Department confirms one of the deceased is an American Al Shabaab, which has ties to al-qaeda has claimed responsibility. It is not the first time these struck in the heart of the capital there twenty thirteen west gate Malla tack left at least sixty seven dead CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. Flash. Flood warnings posted in parts of California. Another Pacific storm sent to bring more rain evacuations in places in wildfire. Burn areas. People living in the Wolsey fire area are on a special alert all the rain brings the risk of mudslides. Even though debris has been cleared out several times KCBS TV reporter Chris Holmstrom evacuations in place for parts of inter county on the list bell canyon, the vista burn area in oak park. That's where Phil heavy side lives with his dog max about four fifteen four thirty sheriff's department came through, and you know, knocked on doors, and if you didn't. Leave. They were taking down your name contact phone number. Fill says, he declined the evacuation orders..

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