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The Super Bowl is set and just like we all thought. Bengals versus rams in LA for Super Bowl 56. Just kidding, but I really did want to pick the Bengals. Anyway, welcome to NFL live. Got a jam packed hour coming your way here. Did our skis here? Mina Kim's, Marcus spears and Ryan Clark, Adam Schefter here throughout in a bit. We'll tell you the one thing you have to know about the Super Bowl, but first, let's revisit exactly how we got here. And for this, we go to the AFC championship. The chiefs and the Bengals ready to go and right here in the second. You see an opportunity there at halftime Dan, but they don't get in position to score. Yeah, I like the aggressive mindset from the chiefs, but you can not call this play for completion and bounds or throw it through the quarterback Patrick Mahomes, take a shot at the end zone, guarantee yourself, three points, cost your team there. Chief sleeve, 21 to ten at the half over two minutes left. Chiefs up 21 13 mahomes intercepted by BJ Hilbert. And this really makes that play before the half matter. You come out, you get a couple stops, and then you get a takeaway as a defense, beautiful job by BJ hill getting his hands up. Ensuing Bengals drive burrow finding demar chase in the end zone for the touchdown. They're coming back. They go for two and they tie it at 21. Beautiful job, Jamar chase going to catch that football in a contested fashion. And then you get money back here. And the 52 yard field go on the road. It's good. The Bengals take a 24 to 21 lead. Now chiefs fourth and goal back at the Bengals 26 Harrison bucker, attending the 44 yard field goal, that one's good, the game is tied at 24 headed into overtime and good for bucker considering the situation there in the position he was put in. So the chiefs win the coin toss, everyone's thinking, all right, Patrick Mahomes has the same opportunity did last week, but here he goes intercepted by Vaughn bell. Is a really nice job by Jesse Bates though. He saw this very same concept out of the same formation in the second quarter. It was a big completion. This time he plays with discipline, that's a Devon bell. Enormous turnover. The angles give it to Joe Mixon finds an opening, picking up 13 yards. He was so clutch and Patrick Mahomes looking on as once again, McPherson attempting the 31 yard field goal. This can win it and sit him to the Super Bowl and it does just that. They win an overtime Cincinnati does to advance to LA to take on the rams and burrow had quite a game. Patrick Mahomes, though, came out red hot in the first half yesterday, average in over ten yards per dropback while throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions second half though in overtime look like a completely different quarterback. There were a couple interceptions posting a 1.42 VR, averaging just one yard for dropback, both those marks, the worst in the second half of a game in his career. Her foot mahomes said about that after the game. Which guys that were open. And I didn't hit at the right time or I didn't, I passed up on a sudden shorter. I went for something I wanted to get something deeper down the field. And when you're playing a good team and you don't hit what's there and you try to get a little bit more than what's necessary, you kind of bite you in the bite you in the butt. I guess you would say. But I mean, I gotta be better. I mean, you're up 21 to three at one point a game. You can't lose it, and I put that on myself. All right, so rest assured, we're gonna get to the Bengals here, I promise. But Marcus, how much of the blame lands on mahomes shoulders after that one? A tremendous amount of it. And it's the responsibility of the quarterback, but not only the quarterback a guy that we see ascending to being great. It's his responsibility to win that type of game. We coming off a game where him and Josh Allen goes toe to toe and if you don't have Patrick Mahomes, you don't win that game. I don't believe any other quarterback would it be Josh y'all in that day. But to see how pedestrian he became in the second half. I'm gonna take you out to the hood real quick 'cause it's a 5 of us. I gotta be fast. All right? When you hooping in the hood and you playing before all of the OGs get out there, you are dominating. Yeah. But then when the OGs get out there, you gotta kind of curtail what you're doing on the court to make sure everybody good. 'cause you get the most impacting mahomes from the first half to the second half. It looked like the OG showed up and was like a broken all that out. Stop doing all of that. Stop doing all that or you gonna have to fight and Patrick Mahomes did not respond. And not only to lay that at his feet, we talked about this early in the season. Eric B enemy and Andy Reid failed the Kansas City Chiefs as well. There was a sign of arrogance. I didn't see them run that team, run the Cincinnati Bengals out of the defense and the coverage that they were playing. I got so much to say, but I gotta let my colleagues talk. But this was on Patrick Mahomes more than anything. Let me see if I can be quick. Listen, a lot of times when you play the Kansas City Chiefs, they're offense cast this big shadow, right? And a lot of people don't like to fight in the shade. But the Cincinnati Bengals were cool with that. It's kind of like when Tyson Fury caught that uppercut from Deontay Wilder in the first fight and then he popped up like no undertaker. He then knew what the power tasted like. So he wasn't scared of it anymore. And if you watch the second half of the Cincinnati Bengals game, they go, they go man to man instead of zone on their three man rushes, and they weren't afraid of the Kansas City Chiefs. They had taken their power before. Come back from 11 after halftime against the Kansas City Chiefs in one four weeks earlier. So when you watch this team, they look confident. They played confident. They were the team that had more belief that they would finish it off than the Kansas City Chiefs. And I just absolutely couldn't believe that. So we can say whatever we want about the Kansas City Chiefs not playing well, but let's give some credit to the Cincinnati Bengals. And what they've been doing to teams in the second world offensively because on the back end, they were great and on the front, they got after that keister. Yeah, and credit to the defensive coordinator Lou Andrew for making that adjustment at halftime. Look, all things along we were saying, too high was the killer, turns out, rushing three dropping 8, but reality it comes down to the execution of the players because that three man rush long. They were able to contain him. They usually had a spy at one point it was Sam Hubbard dropping back and keeping eyes on him and then behind them is Ryan talked about the man coverage was exceptional. But that said, Patrick Mahomes had rush lanes. He had opportunities. He talked about passing up on some checkdowns. And I think when we look back on this game, you have to give a ton of credit to the bangles, the defense game plan to execution, but you also have to look at all the opportunity big OG showed up. And I'll just say one more thing here. How remarkable for the Bengals? They have Joe burrow who was literally getting surgery this time last year in the hospital just down the field from where he will play in the Super Bowl remarkable turnaround that he brought in Ellis. You he then does it at the pro level. That can not be ignored here. We will have more on that so rest assured there. Let's check in with Adam Schefter for a field report brought to you by Windows 11 and Intel Adam lots of news out there off yesterday's games. Let's start in Cincinnati, where yeah, they got the win, but their attention now turns their tight end position. What do we know? Well, there was a rough day for tight ends on both the winning teams and Cincinnati CJ suffered a knee injury was carted off the field in tears. They were concerned that it was significant, but as it turns out, it's just a sprained MCL and CG ozama believes its encouraging and is not giving up on the idea that he could be back for the Super Bowl game against the Los Angeles Rams, which you would not have thought when he was going up the field into Tyler higbee, avoided an ACL injury on this play, and there were people who thought it might be an ACL initially, but it was not as severe as people thought and he also believes that there's a chance that he could be back potentially for the soup bowl's unlikely is look when he was limping off the field yesterday with the assistance of doctor Neil eltra amongst others and the forty-niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, his future is now in question and what the forty-niners will do with him. But again, he counts $25 million against the cap, this upcoming off season. The.

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