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Price. CBS first for traffic. It's Kim wonder they update for you right now. No estimated time of reopening. We're talking about East down 5 80 As you make your way out toward of the grant line. Turn off. We've had a big rig on its side since 6 35 stand. Only the left lane is passable. Hear traffic is jammed solid over the Altamont pass all the way back from Greenville. It's ah! Yeah, About an hour and 1/2 is the drive time If you're going to stick with that single file past the scene, Patterson past makes a much better alternate here. No word as to when they hope to get Lane's clear. So we're still following this situation also looks like stuff is falling out into the road way. We had a report over by the Waldo Tunnel North found 101 Just north of the excuse me, Robin Williams Tunnel that some boxes and things were falling out of the back of a vehicle. North bound side heading into Marin Also south, 101 near Grand Avenue. Coming down into South city. It looks like some sheet metal straddling the middle lanes, and I'm just catching up on the back up here around Lake Merritt westbound on 5 80 year backto beyond Lake, the Lake Shore Avenue. Heading out toward the 24 9 80 split. It looks like they may be setting up a road project. I don't have anything else reported at that spot. But if you see something feel free to call the KCBS phone forest line at 4153915227 You're next update follows. Ask an expert or as needed here on the traffic leader KCBS, But next the man Seanie Sleep World six Day forecast Aaron Peck from K P X file Another warm one for our Monday and the start of this week. We're going to be back into the low in mid nineties for inland locations. Be in the mid seventies for much of the Bay and in the mid sixties.

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