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Put them out there i don't care rather see young players making the space than seen nothing but a bunch of old guy out there playing like the yankees have all these young we giovanetti young players that want to go off to play a young man's game paul how 'bout first base is a perfect example you say sign ardo gallic adrian gonzales and now let's see what somebody like dominic smith can do i don't know if dominic smith is the answer i sure cell rather see him in a guy who will finish the year ago las angeles final one in the night or the morning whatever you wanna call it ben queens what's up any boy double jay look all all you brought it up before i had arguments with guys before and when he takes severino out i was like good move and they're like why why are you taking them out i'm like have you seen the yankees walk what's starting pictures and this is a league thing lee severino out we've already won the series and stuff like you double j i thought when that was made i thought hair comes to come back but you know what if you cap the seth lugo this game was fun this game was fun to watch and listen to and and you know what the mets need it i did not realize it was eleven straight losses at home i mean we i mean that is fantastic span you didn't expect lugo to be the guy who would be the stopper but in fairness to the met pitching i mean at least they're starting pitchers degrom mats and lugo all the job oh yeah going into this road trip it will come down bats if they're going to be competitive against arizona and colorado and he landed braves dade better do a much better job at school runs otherwise they are not going to be able to win these camps and that's on each batter you know that's on the dying a cheap thing that's that's personal drive you are possibly a rock bottom now what can you do the.

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