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With the composition of what we face each and every status quo moment. The reality is it's once every tacky. Now, we can get into the minutia of virtually every single legislative procedure site that. But is it really part of the valuable conversation? If you're going to lead an effort to get the con con vote on each and every ballot every two years. I'm with you. But let's also be brutally honest. We live in a condition right now, we're we're lucky to even have an election every two and four years. Let alone have a con con on that ballot. The bottom line. It's about you. You're empowered to cetera. And that's what this will allow you to affect this year. Today. And that decision is going to be up to you. As you go to the polls today opponents estimate that for some reason somehow somewhere. The cost of consideration of the content and execution of it will cost over fifty five million dollars. Where do you come up with that? Where do you actually come up with that amount of money? So listen, everybody has their own opinion. I'm just sharing mine. And if we're on the same page, great for not great, no problem. Oh. Chuck online voted no, seventy Democrats created Ohio would use as our tax money for just one race at his racial discrimination against everyone a violation of federal law, then change, Ohio, Chuck. Put the legal challenge out if it is as you state is racial discrimination. If it is illegal, then move forward and sue them. You're saying that this that con con is responsible the individuals and the decal and the delegates are responsible not the process itself. So in other areas of great import that should not be denied an opportunity. This whole business with all has nothing new. And remember what stimulated what brought this to the four was the days in which people lived in the late seventies. This was an extension of a resurgence of a sovereign sentiment within the native Hawaiian community Lincoln state government. To be responsible as the conduit for what their issues were. Now, if there's a bastardisation of that process that is with the organization that is with the state. It's not the con- cons fault. You're on NewsRadio eight thirty. If that's the case, then we should do away with voting because you have people that are being voted in. That are contrary to what you believe what you believe they may be in. Constitutional opposition of. So let's just not vote. Let's not have a democracy. Let's not that. Betsy logically doesn't sit word at eight ten in the morning. You are dialed in together. It is NewsRadio eight thirty cage rage. Election-night coverage will be tonight. Seven PM here on Cates radio. We're delighted that Shirley Nostra f- chair of the Hawaii Republican party joins us on election day early. Good morning. Good morning. It's a great day for election day. It is election.

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