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Here's Julie hardy looking at sixteen the north loop. It's the westbound side as you come up to north wayside left lanes blocked. That's an accident, and that's going to cost. Just a couple minutes worth of a delay. The other heavy traffic on scene is on six ten the west loop. And that's from two ninety southbound to about would way and then through downtown on the east, Texas, Japan, I ten and you take a tour to eighty eight. I'm deleting hardy in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center. Drying out and by the afternoon, you'll see a little bit of sunshine, jeopardize cool, low to mid fifties. Tomorrow, it's sunny warming up to the mid to upper fifties. Jerry Smith at the Weather Channel at eight thirty one forty seven at the KTAR, h Westside northside Lexus weather center, partial government, shutdown entering its thirteenth day. No end in sight. President Trump did meet with congressional leaders on Wednesday. No compromise on funding a border wall. And only woman on a motorized scooter struck and killed while crossing the street northwest Harris County, they say she was not in the crosswalk. The driver not under the influence cooperating with authorities a Harris County man, charged with the murder of the end the drunk driving death of his eleven year old daughter. Prosecutors say that Horta halo desma Etcheverry is blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. When he ran a red light and crashed on highway ninety on Monday. Apple lowers its holiday sales forecast by five billion dollars citing what it calls economic. Deceleration in China, and it took the market's down and apple sock. Overnight plunging, I'm Sarah, Frier and Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h I spent twenty five years at the national security agency. And I know firsthand what's needed by employers in the field of cybersecurity. Learn real world skills from cyber faculty like Dr Emma, garrison Alexander university of Maryland University College can help on your career.

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