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And we all know that they've been talking about how much they like Bryan Hayes, So I'm not that shocked. I mean, I think that you know, we'll see how it goes Well in the last years often survive was very good by the end. You know, they like the athleticism here, maybe maybe a little less of the power department overall, but Hey, I mean, so far, so good. That was that was a great performance. One of the best opening performance is certainly from Michigan Offensive lineman. I remember just not a lot of stuff to nitpick about. You know, everything was on the money to calls right there going the right way at all. It all made sense. So you know, a plus in Game one, and we'll see what happens again to well, Let's talk about the defence Nick. They had the Michigan had they did a good job, but I mean, Minnesota had a guy. I mean, their guy ran for 142 yards, they they were able to run up the middle. They were able to move the ball. They from a from a passing situation. They were mean Michigan very, very impressed with The secondary as young as those young men were even with Jackson. Hell getting hurt early, and I mean late in this first half, they came out. They kept playing. No one. No one freaked out. They came in German green played his butt off. I'm impressed with him. Vincent. Great is what we thought he is. He is He's in He's in the league of becoming, and all in all conference player. You know, it's something even better than that. But I mean, I thought my grown with with the hand injury that kind of slowed him down and then the emerging star in Mike Mike Mike Barrett. Mean that young man laid his butt off. Hey, I just like because he's number 23. That's what I like Tomas. Defensively, their decompress running back, Jamie. Exactly. I mean, I think I would also get credited Don brown. He did a nice job. I thought of You know, And they've done this in years past. You know what these offenses that like the track on the sideline and switch out of something Michigan often as you know, a switch right back that helps it out. I think they did a good job with that. Make sure that you know Bateman was bracketed pretty well, making sure that they were active up front. It just kind of doing the things they do best, which is, you know, bring pressure and be active in the front seven. That's what you know, all fails. If you have questions about guys in the back end, that's fine. But the front could help you out. And that's What we saw. You know, Minnesota really struggled to block mission at the point of attack, especially in passing situations, and I think that's going to be a pretty paint. Agent Hart. Agent Hutchinson. There are good You know? Ah, because eventually duo as you'll find, you know Michael Barrett. Is a guy that you know, I think a lot of us who follow Michigan football closely last couple years been talking about a lot because they've been very, very excited about him. He was Bit of a project player and that he was switching positions and growing into a new role. But you could see the athleticism. I mean, it's also I mean, it's ridiculous disguise for five Ah 45 sprinter whose 242 £31 who can hit good football instinct, a good competitor. All these things. I think they're really going to like what he turns into. Overall, there were some issues. I think you know, Minnesota is a good football team as well. And you know they were able to get some good stuff up. You know some of the some of the cuts out wide, you know, I think Michigan was a little wobbly in some of its run fit. It looked like a times in the second level. Some of the guys coming down from the back end as well. You know, when Dex and Hill goes out of the game, I think you saw, you know, maybe the drop off there a little bit. So some of that is Minnesota being a good team, and some of them may be having a couple issues, but nothing Nothing that was so alarming. I think, In fact, you know the production is going to get from Donovan Jeter was solid. They talked about him being ready to go that that panned out as well. So You know, overall solid, You know, not not terrific, but at the same time, I think this is the idea here. You know, when Minnesota starts moving the ball in the second half and finding some answers, you know good teams do in 2020. None of it mattered because everything that the ball back they walked down the field scored. That's what an offense that can score quick. It is very difficult to defend. Could do for you. Even if your defense has a rough day or even a little bit of an off day. Your offense has enough to keep you in the game. Get out in front. And make sure you get the win. And that's what that's what football is. Now. It's not the other way. You can't expect to go in there and just completely manhandled someone defensively and win a game. 10 to 3. This doesn't work so No, listen plan was exactly what it needed to be. I thought they were prepared across the board. Very well. Good game plans Well coached. I said this problem. You guys in some point, you know this season, I thought this weird shortened year. With all the preseason being trunk like that was going to tell us, you know a lot about which teams had approaching steps that airfield with good teachers and which teams have steps that are filled with good talkers. And he used to get so far proven that they've got a lot of good teachers because that was pretty well, pretty well prepared team overall. Well, Nick. The other side is the team up and over the road that'll be coming in this Saturday with with Mel Tucker, and I know that that really look like a disaster. I know they they come out there's turning the ball over left and right, but You know, even though they did that, even though the D'Antonio left him in a spot, and even though there was no spring, and even though it's a new staff, man, that was a complete and total disaster, like how do you see that? And you? You think that is Who? Michigan State iss or you see, like, okay, if they just get up these turnovers, you know, they did move the ball's Ah, What do you know What? How do you look at that? That that thing That they are going to have. You know what I would describe as an unforgiving year in terms of, you know their mental discipline, everything else and I think that's what was on it. I don't think they're They're that bad. I don't think they're seven turnovers a game. You know, losing the rock for seven weeks bad, you know, I mean, credit Rutgers for coming in with more energy and playing them as well..

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